Family Custom Canvas Holiday Gift Guide

Family Themed Canvases

The Holidays is a time for family and friends. Show your loved ones you care with a custom and personalized canvas print. Our easy to use online canvas customizer allows you to create your own work of art in minutes! Add backgrounds, photos, text, effects, and more!

Custom Family Photo Canvas

Custom Family Photo Canvas Collage

Customize your favorite family photo and gift it to your loved ones for a memorable and personalized holiday gift. Have a lot of family photos to choose from? Make a collage canvas or a collage of canvases that you can arrange however you like, you are the designer! For more ideas on custom family photos on canvas, read HERE.

Family Motto Canvas

Custom Family Motto Canvas

Does your family have a funny saying or motto? Put those family sayings and family mottos on your custom canvas print and display it prominently in your home. Give others a glimpse into what your family is about with a custom canvas holiday gift. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Baby Photos on Canvas

Custom Pink Baby Photo Canvas

Did your family or friends welcome a baby this year? Put that adorable baby on a custom canvas print, add text for an even more personalized touch. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Pet Photos on Canvas

Custom Pet Canvas Print

Pets or “Fur babies” are apart of the family too so don’t leave them out of your custom canvas print. Make sure you get a great picture of your pet, for pet photo tips check our post HERE.

Design and Order early

to make sure your personalized and custom canvas gifts

arrive in time for the holidays!


Personalized Canvas with Text

Our easy to use online customizer makes it easy for you to design and create your own custom and personalized canvas! With just a few simple clicks, you too, can become a designer!

Personalized Canvas with Text Design Ideas

Meme Canvas

Do you have a favorite meme that you love?  Maybe a funny meme that always brings a smile to your face?  Now imagine that meme on canvas with whatever text you want on it.  Or maybe you want to put the meme text over your favorite photo or painting?  The possibilities are endless.  You are just a few clicks away from your very own personalized canvas with text!

Meme Canvas

Quote Canvas

We all need a little extra push sometimes, why not put your favorite motivational quote on your canvas design so you can get inspired and motivated every time you pass your work of art.

inspirational quote text canvas

Name Canvas

Create a canvas with your name on it!  Got a big family?  Put each family member’s name on your canvas and make a name collage.  Got an important date coming up?  Possibly anniversary or birthday?  Make a custom personalized canvas that will be cherished for years to come.

Name Collage Canvas

Canvas prints are not longer reserved for museums and art galleries, you too can display your own canvas creations in your desired space.  Don’t forget to add text!  We’ve got an extensive library of fronts for you to use directly on the website!

Don’t delay, design today!

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Canvas Gift Card, Canvas Gift Certificate, and Canvas Voucher

Give the Gift of Canvas with a Canvas Gift Card, Canvas Gift Certificate, or Canvas Voucher!

Canvas prints are a personal gift and sometimes the right way to give that gift to someone is through a canvas gift card. If you are shopping for gifts for photographers, designers, decorators, collectors, or anyone who loves to create their own look then canvas gift cards are the perfect gift. The finished canvas prints always end up a personalized gift and the fun in creating your own canvas print makes it a memorable experience. Gift certificates and gift vouchers for canvas prints are one of few gift cards you can give that end up truly personal. You can even print off a sample design you made with our site along with the gift card, who knows maybe they’ll love your design! A canvas gift card, canvas gift certificate, or canvas voucher is an easy, affordable, and fun gift for anyone and any occasion.

How Do I Get A Canvas Print Gift Card?

You can get your canvas gift card right here at MakeCanvasPrints! Find the amount you want to give, add the gift certificate to your cart, and then checkout! We’ll even send you an email you can print out. Want to add a personal touch to your gift card or voucher? Create a personalized canvas design! Even a simple “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Birthday!” design will take just a few minutes with our online canvas print designer and make your gift a gift they’ll never forget. Its easy to add a gift certificate to your cart and if you need help you can always get in contact with us!

What Is The Right Amount for a Canvas Gift Card?

It depends entirely on your budget so remember its the thought that counts not the size of the gift card! The first step to figuring this out is to look at our various canvas print sizes. We have a lot of high quality and inexpensive canvas print sizes for every gift budget! Pick a size of canvas print you think matches with your budget. Once you have a canvas print size picked out then you know how much you want to put on your canvas print gift card. If you want to see how much shipping will be for your gift recipient you can try adding any design to your cart and estimating shipping charges in the cart. Once you have an amount picked out you can match that with our gift cards and then add them to your cart!

Click Here for a Canvas Gift Card, Canvas Gift Certificate, or Canvas Vouchers!

Trade Canvas Prints Available For Bulk and Wholesale

We Have Trade Canvas Prints for Sale With Bulk Canvas Prices

We’ve got some of the best bulk canvas pricing with our trade canvas prints and wholesale canvas. Get archival quality canvas prints for use in art galleries, photography exhibitions, reprints, and office decor. We do custom canvas printing in bulk like no one else: use our canvas print designer to design your trade canvas print. Use any of our stock backgrounds, images, your photos, your text, and even your logo. Lay out the perfect print with our customizer and reload your design to get the final touches just right. You can put through your trade canvas print order on the site or contact us directly about your trade canvas order.

Commitment to Our Trade Canvas Prints Process

At MakeCanvasPrints we’re on the forefront of designing your own canvas print online but we take that commitment to quality offline, too. Using a proven and dedicated process we can manage your wholesale canvas and trade canvas prints from design to delivery. We’ll help you understand the do’s and don’ts on image quality, print sizing, best practices, RGB vs. CMYK, bleed, wrap and everything that goes in to making the best canvas prints.

Design Your Own Trade Canvas Prints

Take a look at our website and lay out the design your want for your trade canvas! Its ok to try multiple canvas designs and find what you like. If you are looking for multiple sizes or have a specific delivery schedule please let us know. If you have multiple shipping addresses for you order please let us know in advance. We are able to handle most expedited shipping requests and insured shipping requests. Please let us know if you have specific brand colors we’ll do our best to color match exactly against your logo. As always with trade prints please use the highest quality images and the highest quality photographs.

Get Quotes on Trade Canvas Prints and Wholesale Canvas

Design Your Own Large Canvas Print!

Design Your Own Large Canvas Print Online With MakeCanvasPrints!

Welcome to the best place online to design your own large canvas print! Here at MakeCanvasPrints we love large canvas prints so much that we have hung canvas of all sizes all over the walls of our office. Custom large canvas prints or any canvas prints that are greater than 24 inches on a particular side. Our larger prints come in both portrait and landscape sizes and are the same quality you see and museums or art gallery openings. You can add any text or any of your photos or images and use them with our canvas printing. In fact when it comes to large canvas prints the larger the image the better!

How Do I Design My Own Large Canvas Print?

Designing your own large canvas print is as easy as 1-2-3! Your first step is finding an image of high enough quality. This means that your image large enough to cover the canvas print even when it is blown up to a huge size. Most images are not of high enough quality for a large print so be sure you’ve double checked to see if you have a nicer version of an image. Large canvas prints allow for more complex pictures or photos that have very busy pattern. Many single large canvas prints are used to cover office spaces or in homes and it is certainly a part of the modern look for interior design. Large canvas prints are particularly appealing because they can allow for a stronger solo effect both from afar and up close.

Where are Large Canvas Prints Used?

Large canvas prints are for anyone looking to cover up a large wall or showcase any one of their favorite designs in a huge format. This can be anything from inspirational quote to be treasured family photo when used in a home. Often a single large print will be bundled in a sale of smaller prints. But not surprisingly many are wholesale canvas print orders are actually for large canvas prints. The people usually buying large canvas prints are office, restaurants, hotels, or particularly large businesses typically medium to large businesses. Some global brands they like to position themselves with canvas prints inside the headquarters. If you’re here then large canvas prints are an excellent choice for you so please take a look at all of our different sizes.

Design Your Own Large Canvas Print Right Now!

If you want to create your own large canvas print then click here to view all of our canvas print sizes. Remember if you need a larger canvas print just contact us!

Design Your Own Large Canvas Print!

Design Your Own Small Canvas Print!

Design Your Own Small Canvas Print Online!

Welcome to the best place online to design your own small canvas print! Here at MakeCanvasPrints we’re happy to say that we have all the sizes of small prints for you to make and customize with your own design and your own photos. We love our small canvas prints so much that we have been hanging them all over our own office! Talk about being a great addition to any home or small business office. We have a number of different popular portrait, landscape, and square sizes of print.

What Are the Best Kind of Small Canvas Prints?

When designing your own print or laying out a composition our small canvas print sizes allow you your design to really shine. It’s important to remember that a smaller print is a smaller area. Its seems obvious but and design with a large central focal point or any photograph of a large image on it will be ideal on a small canvas. For museum and gallery prints a smaller canvas can entice the viewer to move closer. Most small canvases are sold in groups or pairs, sometimes three or four small canvas prints are often combined in this way, to showcase a series of photographs or motifs. This is a great way to cover a single wall with canvas prints while getting a number of designs, logos, or graphics on the prints but not necessarily needing them all be in a single piece or on a single background color.

Where Are Small Canvas Prints Used?

Small canvas prints are a great choice for anyone looking to fill a tight space on the wall in their home and for anyone looking to display a number of images. Small canvas prints are great for certain parts of office decor, particularly the inside of individual office units. Business spaces with much larger walls, longer hallways, or wider rooms may need larger canvas print to cover the area. Most wholesale canvas prints are typically small to medium sized . Often you can get more out of custom canvas printing in a particular order or for a lower particular budget when choosing smaller canvas prints. For a residential space or a home small canvas prints are great choice for interior designers looking to give a particular feel to a room without needing to increase the budget with a large furniture piece or spending forever trying to find an original painted piece.

Its Easy To Design Your Own Small Canvas Print Online

Designing your own small canvas print has never been easier! Click here to see all our sizes, find the right canvas size, and design your own canvas print!

Design Your Own Small Canvas Print!

Wholesale Canvas Prints Are Now Even Better!

Wholesale Canvas Prints Just Got a Big Upgrade!

Wholesale Canvas Prints We’ve gone to great lengths to improve our wholesale canvas prints! Now you can get even better wholesale canvas printing from us on any of your bulk canvas orders! We fully support all submissions with a dedicated hands on process that begins on our site. Use our customizer to design your perfect canvas prints and then get that print wholesale. Most large spaces rely on wholesale canvas prints to cover their wall space and use our custom printing to deliver a unique wall effect. All bulk orders on custom canvas prints and wall art can be submitted in RGB or CMYK format. We’ll proof your image with you and go over the full set of options around sizing, delivery location, and marketing calendars or timelines. Looking for wholesale canvas prints or bulk canvas printing? Click here!

Are Bulk Canvas Orders Right For You?

If you have a large space or event with a visual focus then there is a fair chance you will need wholesale canvas prints. Some of customers include photographers, artists, major brands, office designers, residential buildings, and even civic services. We’ve delivered large quantity orders for major events like musical performances, gallery openings, and even high school awards ceremonies. Some of our use our service to decorate sets for plays or theater productions or even used to create canvas prints to decorate the inside of churches.

Get more info on our wholesale canvas prints and our bulk canvas orders!

How To Create Custom Canvas Prints – Just Watch This Video!

Learn How To Create Your Custom Canvas Prints in Seconds

We just released our “how-to” on creating custom canvas prints and designing your own canvas print. Take a quick look and learn how to print your photos, text, images, and designs on canvas using our canvas customization software. Its a super fast tutorial on custom canvas prints. When you’re done click “Create” up above to get started!

Our Custom Canvas How-To Video!

Put Your Name on a Canvas Print

put your name on canvas

Name Your Canvas

You know by now that customized canvas prints are one of the best ways to decorate your walls and personalize your home. At, we provide you with every option and tool you need to create a beautiful piece of artwork to display on your wall. Possibly one of the most personalized options you can consider is to put your name on canvas. It can’t get any more tailored to you than that. When you put your name on canvas and hang it up in your bedroom, everyone that walks in will know that this is YOUR space. Hang it on your door, hang it above your bed, hang it over your desk, hang it anywhere! It’s your room. Plus, after you go through our easy design process and choose your canvas size, background colors or design, images, and awesome font, putting your name on canvas has never looked so impressive!

Why Else Should You Put Your Name on Canvas?

One of the best things about designing your own canvas is that it’s an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. There is no need to spend money on an expensive frame or a duplicate piece of artwork that anyone can buy at the store. Not only can you put your name on a canvas, but what about your family name? Throw your family moniker on a canvas and hang it in your home entryway! Your family name will look amazing when you choose the colors and design to match your home décor! Choose a gorgeous cursive font, or maybe bold printed capital letters! Have you recently gotten married? Put that Mr. and Mrs. on a canvas and hang it in your new master bedroom. Do you have children? Put their name on canvas and let them be creative and choose the color, font, and background design to hang in their bedroom! That’s an activity they’ll definitely enjoy and keep them busy! Now they’ll have a cool and unique canvas designed by themselves that they can show off to their friends. By now we’re sure you’ve had enough of us telling you why you should put your name on canvas. Click “Create” above and see for yourself!