How To Create Custom Canvas Prints – Just Watch This Video!

Learn How To Create Your Custom Canvas Prints in Seconds

We just released our “how-to” on creating custom canvas prints and designing your own canvas print. Take a quick look and learn how to print your photos, text, images, and designs on canvas using our canvas customization software. Its a super fast tutorial on custom canvas prints. When you’re done click “Create” up above to get started!

Our Custom Canvas How-To Video!

Put Your Name on a Canvas Print

put your name on canvas

Name Your Canvas

You know by now that customized canvas prints are one of the best ways to decorate your walls and personalize your home. At, we provide you with every option and tool you need to create a beautiful piece of artwork to display on your wall. Possibly one of the most personalized options you can consider is to put your name on canvas. It can’t get any more tailored to you than that. When you put your name on canvas and hang it up in your bedroom, everyone that walks in will know that this is YOUR space. Hang it on your door, hang it above your bed, hang it over your desk, hang it anywhere! It’s your room. Plus, after you go through our easy design process and choose your canvas size, background colors or design, images, and awesome font, putting your name on canvas has never looked so impressive!

Why Else Should You Put Your Name on Canvas?

One of the best things about designing your own canvas is that it’s an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. There is no need to spend money on an expensive frame or a duplicate piece of artwork that anyone can buy at the store. Not only can you put your name on a canvas, but what about your family name? Throw your family moniker on a canvas and hang it in your home entryway! Your family name will look amazing when you choose the colors and design to match your home décor! Choose a gorgeous cursive font, or maybe bold printed capital letters! Have you recently gotten married? Put that Mr. and Mrs. on a canvas and hang it in your new master bedroom. Do you have children? Put their name on canvas and let them be creative and choose the color, font, and background design to hang in their bedroom! That’s an activity they’ll definitely enjoy and keep them busy! Now they’ll have a cool and unique canvas designed by themselves that they can show off to their friends. By now we’re sure you’ve had enough of us telling you why you should put your name on canvas. Click “Create” above and see for yourself!

Your Photos on Canvas – Create Canvas Prints Online

Put Any of Your Photos on Canvas!

Design Your Own Custom Canvas Print Size and Start!

You might be able to tell from our name but printing on canvas is our thing. We use the latest tech to bring you the simplest way to design your photo or pictures in to one of our beautiful canvas prints.

We Can Print Anything and Everything On Canvas

wholesale canvas printing

We’ve got you covered! We’ve got all the most popular sizes of wall art and printed art. After printing directly on the canvas we stretch it using a gallery style wrap. This gives that perfect look to help all your photos and pictures pop. Everything from Instagram selfie squares to graceful gallery wraps to wonderful wedding photos or any art you can think of to print is possible. Don’t over think it! Once you’ve save your print you’re able to reload it and make those last second tweaks to get the right text or design the photo layout before submitting. You can even load your design on any other one of our canvas print sizes with one click!

Quality Photo Prints

All of our work is done is the US, printed and shipped from the US. We pride ourselves on our great prints and we’re always finding new and improved ways to make your pictures and photos looks great. We’ve been trusted by many customers to make sure their photo memories and gifts are as priceless as the photos used to print them. It’s easy and free to make a canvas print, so try it out and design your own with our site. Thanks for visiting! Design Your Own Canvas Print »

How to Make a Canvas Print

How to make a canvas print choose a size

Have you Ever Wanted to be an Artist?

Now’s the time! Canvas prints are becoming more and more popular, especially because there is no need for a costly frame and mount. Here at, you can be the artist and designer of your own custom print. “But I don’t know how to make a canvas print”, you say. With our simple and easy process, you’ll learn how to make canvas prints in no time at all. In fact, it only takes minutes to create your one of a kind custom canvas and have a beautiful piece of artwork to proudly display in your home or give as a personal gift! The possibilities are truly endless.

Choose a Canvas to Create

The first step on how to make a canvas print is to pick the size of your print. Where will you be hanging your print? Do you want that gorgeous seascape from your summer vacation to stare at on your living room wall during those cold winter months? Better make it a Landscape 30 X 24. Do you want your children’s smiling faces or your cute and cuddly pet on your office wall to get you through the day? Grab some 8 X 10 Portraits. Either way, there are many different Landscape, Portrait, and Square print sizes to fit every need and wall space. Once you choose your canvas size, you’ll move on to the next step on how to make a canvas print!

The Fun Part

how to make a canvas print - design

The next step on how to make a canvas print is the best one! Here, you will decide exactly what you want to display on your custom canvas. Did you travel somewhere awesome lately and take some amazing pictures? Simply save your image to your computer and download it on to the canvas. Leave it as it is or add some text to decorate. Do you have a favorite inspirational or spiritual quote you want to hang in your bedroom to motivate you on those Monday mornings where you’re feeling down and not so awake? With over 50 distinctive fonts to choose from, you have plenty of options. Keep a blank or colored background and let the quote speak for itself or choose from one of our menu backgrounds like patterns, flowers, and scenic images. Are you keeping this canvas for yourself or giving it as a gift? Canvas prints also make for a touching and special gift! Going to a wedding and need the perfect present? Now that you know how to make a canvas print, surprise the bride and groom with a personalized print that will surely be the perfect décor for their new home!

You’re Finished!

Wasn’t that easy? Once you design your print, it will be saved to your profile. You can share it with friends online or by email. Your design will be added to your shopping cart and you’ll be ready to purchase!

Capture Your Wedding Day on Custom Wedding Canvases

Your wedding photography is one of the best investments that you will make on your special day because it allows you to relive your special day whenever you see the photo. Thanks to how technology has evolved you can now capture your wedding day on custom wedding canvases to help enhance your special day’s photos even more.

Why Capture Your Wedding Day on Customized Wedding Canvases

When the wedding ends the following day, you are just left with photographs and memories. The cake is gone, the guests, and you probably have your wedding attire tucked away. Sure, the photographs by themselves could be placed in a pretty frame. However, with custom wedding canvases, you can easily hang up your memories on the wall and the effects that the canvases bring out are unbelievable and beautiful.

How Much Effort Does It Take?

Creating custom wedding canvases can be created in just a few minutes online. The prints will print directly on the canvas, which will provide you with beautiful artwork that will last you for years to come. You can create as many designs as you want and once you are done you have the option to share them with you friends via social networks such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Bottom Line

Having custom wedding canvases created is easy, fun, and budget friendly. Once you receive your canvas at your home, your breath will immediately be taken away and every time someone comes to your home, the wedding canvas is sure to be one of the first things that catch their eyes. The best part is it is the perfect way for you to spruce up your home décor without having to pay a hefty price tag.

Start creating your custom wedding canvases today and watch how this unique home décor spruces up you and your newlyweds home!

Personalized Father’s Day Present – Make a Canvas

Father's Day Personalized Gift

Looking for a personalized Father’s Day present? Every year we have one official day to celebrate our Father’s and let them know how much they mean to us. Get a special gift for this year’s Father’s Day, June 15, 2014, with a custom canvas print. Don’t wait until the last minute – take the time to create a personal gift and show him that you really care.

Unique and Personalized Gift

The greatest part about a custom canvas print is that he cannot buy it anywhere. You can include your own pictures and custom text to make a beautiful canvas that he can hang in his bedroom or office wall. A proud Father can look at his office wall and see memories and photos that he knows you personally chose for him. A personalized Father’s Day present shows that you took the time to think of him and you care.

Easy to Make

Designing your own canvas print is very easy to do. Our easy to use customizer allows you to easily upload your own photos and position them around the canvas however you would like. You can upload multiple photos and create a collage of photos specifically picked out for your Father. Family pictures and kid pictures are perfect for this. Additionally, you can chose more than one of our custom fonts to give the canvas a unique look and feel.

On a Budget?

To make sure everyone can get a canvas print, we have a coupon code for you to get $5 off ANY custom canvas print! Upon checkout use this code for $5 off:

$5 off coupon code: FATHER2014

This code is good for any sized canvas print and expires June 15, 2014.

Place your order today for a custom canvas print for Father’s Day to make sure to receive it by celebration time! Show your dad you care and get him something unique and different.

Exploring New Fonts Available for Your Custom Canvas

Here at, we’re always reviewing your designs and thinking of what we can do to help you create new and awesome designs. There are two particularly popular types of custom canvas prints. The first involves a personal photo – whether it’s an engagement or wedding photo, a family photo, or photos of family kids. Written on the photo is usually a date (typically an anniversary) or a quote or favorite phrase. The second most popular canvas made is typically a quote or poem written on top of one of our backgrounds or a photo.

That being said, we wanted to highlight the new and improved font selection to give our customers even more options to make their canvas just that much different. We have fonts that range from script, to bubble letters, to cats in the shapes of letters. Each font can give your custom canvas print a new look and feel and really set the tone of the image. A poem written in a script font compared to a bubble letter font makes a huge difference.

Sample fonts:

We encourage you to play around with the new fonts and try out something different! Choose your size and start designing here.

The Many Benefits of Art on the Wall

Are you thinking about adding some art to the walls, but not sure exactly what to get?  Incorporating some art to a blank wall really gives it an extra special pop.  Various art piece can make a room have a totally different feel – from minimalist, to beautiful, to relaxing, etc.  There are endless possibilities to adding artwork to your bedroom, living room, or office, to completely set or change the mood.

Change the Atmosphere and Relax

Art on the wall can really make a difference in a room.  For example, you want your bedroom to be relaxing, calm and peaceful.  What better way to do this than hang a beautiful scenery above your bed or in a big open space in the room.  Another example is the workplace.  The office can be a stressful place, so art on the walls can make a huge difference.  A calming scene or inspiring quote can change the mood of the day or get workers inspired.

The Power of Interior Design

In addition to making someone relax, the general aesthetics of a room say a lot about yourself.  It tells people you care how your personal spaces look, as well as reflect on your personal likes and tastes.

Canvas on the Wall

Custom canvases are a great way to add that extra special art to the wall.  Canvases are something different compared to a poster or frame, and by making a custom canvas you can really show off your artistic abilities and set the mood for a room.

Valentine’s Day Ideas – Make a Custom Canvas Print!

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of that perfect gift for your significant other. While roses and chocolates are nice, it means much more to great creative and give a personalized gift to that special person in your life. Custom canvas prints are a great way to show those special people in your life how much you mean to them.

Personalize It

Personalized gifts can really go a long way. You can customize your canvas by adding a specific picture, a quote, or the date of your anniversary. Choose a picture from a great vacation, and your significant other will now have a fun memory on a beautiful canvas hanging on the wall. Put the date of your anniversary, and they will know how much you mean to them.

Do Something Different

If you’ve already done jewelry, flowers, and chocolates, a custom canvas print is a great way to spice things up. This Valentine’s Day is the time to really show that special person in your life how much you care. Find a quote that represents your relationship, pick a picture from your travels or a special moment, and put it together in a beautiful canvas that really tells someone you love them. Click here to start.