Upgrades Live for Design Your Own Canvas App

We’re stoked to have gotten great feedback from customers so far, and we’re doing our best to keep up with some hot new upgrades :)  Thanks!

Our first common request from users has been to offer the landscape sizes for each dimension, and the second was for more/better fonts.  Well, hold on to your canvas makin’ socks because:

57 Awesome Fonts for Your Canvas

Yep, 57.   And, there’s a lot of really cool ones in there – some very ornate, funky, slick, artsy, bold, sexy, elegant, and other just plain crazy font styles.  Time to get your typography on!

All Landscape Canvas Sizes Added

We’ve added every size we offered in portrait as landscape, too.  Check them out on the Choose a Canvas Size page live on the website now, they just went live a little while ago.

Thanks again to our customers, users, and all of the great feedback you’ve given us so far.

Keep it coming, and We’ll Keep Improving!

More goodness on the way. – MCP Team

MakeCanvasPrints Has Just Launched! Create Your Custom Canvas Print!

We’re happy to say that MakeCanvasPrints, the #1 site for custom canvas prints and custom canvas wall art, is finally open to the public! We’re dedicated to bringing you the ability to make your own canvas prints with your own style.

By clicking the Create link in the top right you will be taken to pick a size of the canvas print you want. We have many sizes of canvas print and wall art here at MakeCanvasPrints and we are always adding more. Looking for the perfect gift? Try out series of our smaller sizes with great memories printed right on the canvas. Looking for something that can be hung in your office? Create the perfect blend of class and inspiration on one of our larger canvases.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more!