About Make Canvas Prints

About Us

Make Canvas Prints has been bringing customer’s canvas prints creations to life internationally since 2013.  We aim to provide customers with quality canvas prints that are easy to create.  We offer a variety of canvas sizes at different price levels and the best easy-to-use online canvas customizer.  Easily design your own custom canvas in minutes!

High Quality Canvas

Our premium canvas is now higher quality than ever. At our production facility, we use high quality inks to produce vibrant custom prints that really pop.  All of our premium prints are gallery-wrapped on a 1.25″ wood frame of high quality kiln dried, beveled stretcher bars. When you design yours, use the red line as a guide for where the outer margin will fold and wrap around the outer edge.

Make Canvas Prints - Wedding Canvas Print

Custom Canvas Prints with your images and text.

Custom Canvas Prints are great for your home, office, gifts, and more. You can upload pictures of your family, pets, favorite photos from traveling, etc. the possibilities are endless. We have a gallery of high resolution images and scenery you can use and choose from as well. Each canvas print comes stretched over a 0.75 or 1.25 inch wooden frame.  It can be displayed as-is or framed. The canvases are easily hung by just a couple nails in the wall. 

Customized Vincent van Gogh Self Portrait

Optional Proof Reviews for Customer Approval

If you would like us to check your design and show you a proof of your print file before going to print, choose the add-on as an option in your shopping cart after you design, or on the canvas product page before you design.  With this low-cost add-on we’ll review your design for any flaws and reach out to you with the proof for approval for a week. As soon as you approve, we submit it to print. If you do not respond, our staff will review and proof it for you and then submit to production.  If you do not select this option, then you are by default selecting “print as is” and we will print it as submitted.   If you add on a proof review we will wait for your approval to print it. 

In the case that we do see an error by chance on a print that is not selected for proof review, we may still reach out to you to confirm we should correct it, but it’s not guaranteed that we’ll catch any errors if you do not choose to add a Proof Review.  If we do reach out to you about an issue in your design, but you did not choose to add a proof review, we will assume you want it as-is, but we may wait 2 business days for a response before going to print with what was submitted as is just to be sure. 

Even without a proof and review, we may, at our discretion, often choose to fix an error such as a typo or a slight image placement adjustment, or mirroring the image to cover the wrapped edges for you without response from you using our best judgment.  However, if you have chosen proof and review, we will wait for your approval of these changes for our standard times before printing.  If you don’t select Proof and Review, we may make some minor corrections and just go directly to print.

Bulk and Custom Canvas Print Orders and Other Special Requests

Here at MakeCanvasPrints we do everything from printing to shipping the canvas to you. If you have a large order, would like a fully hand painted canvas, have a need for a much larger size canvas print than what we sell on our website, or have some other canvas related need… you guessed it, we’re the people to contact!  Please send us an email or contact us via our support portal, we can handle almost any request or at least point you in the right direction if we don’t.

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