Custom Canvas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is around the corner and you are searching for gift ideas for friends and family. A personal customized gift, that warms the heart with good laugh is the best kind of gift. Custom canvas prints are a simple way to bring your gift ideas to life on high quality bright canvases.

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Love is… Gift Ideas

Do you remember reading the comics of the cute naked couple, by the artist Kim Casali ? Each comic would say “love is…” and then have a short saying such as, “reading each other as a book.” This concept can make for great gift ideas. With a photograph of a couple, you can create your own version of what love is. The example above is one that I made for my cousin’s bachelorette party gift. Definitely being  one of my better gift ideas, there was a lot of positive reaction from everyone. My aunt and grandma liked it so much that they wanted me to get one for them also. My grandma said it would also make a great post wedding gift with photos of the bride and groom.

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Using the Design Tool

When uploading a photograph, make sure that you upload an image with a high resolution. This will ensure that the print comes our clear and crisp. For the text, we have a text tool that will allow you too freely add text anywhere on the canvas. There are many font colors and types of fonts that you can choose from. Our design tool makes creating your gift ideas fun and easy.

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Turn Your Wedding Photos into Beautiful Custom Canvas Prints

A wedding is a joyous celebration of love, and planning the event can be a big task. Just because there is a lot involved, doesn’t mean that the process cannot be just as enjoyable as the big day. Here are some wedding photo tips that will help with elegantly capturing those special moments that you can turn into a beautiful custom canvas.

Choosing The Right Person to Capture Your Wedding Photos


If you are working on a budget, start by reaching out to friends and family members. Perhaps you have that uncle that has a camera as an extension of his left arm. You can also start out by checking out your newlywed friends’ Facebook post. As you probably already know, when there is a wedding, your Facebook wall starts looking like a wedding photo blog. If there are some photos that really stand out, ask your friend who their photographer was. And then, there is always google! Google wedding photographers in your area. Most of them will have websites with sample photos. By browsing through them, you can get a feel of their style and pricing.

Adding Vows to Your Custom Canvas Print


When designing your custom canvas print, you can add text to your wedding photos. You can add an overlay of text to customize your canvas with wedding vows. Or you can keep it simple with adding the date of the special day. Our text app also allows you to maneuver the text with resizing and rotating options. With this feature, you can get creative and lay out the text as the image boarder or into a heart shape!

Making the Wedding Photos Unique

Wedding photos can also unique, when turned into a game. Those fun candid moments also have their own special charm, and you can encourage guest to capture these joyful expressions through a game of I Spy. On the dinner tables, place disposable cameras wearing a tag saying “Please use me for a game of I Spy!” Next to the camera can be a list of moments such as a kiss, worst dancer, people holding hands, the cake, the groom looking at the bride, and anything else you can think of. With our design app, you can collage these wedding photos onto one custom canvas print. These photos are sure to bring out post wedding laughs!

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Put Any of Your Photos on Canvas!

Design Your Own Custom Canvas Print Size and Start!

You might be able to tell from our name but printing on canvas is our thing. We use the latest tech to bring you the simplest way to design your photo or pictures in to one of our beautiful canvas prints.

We Can Print Anything and Everything On Canvas

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We’ve got you covered! We’ve got all the most popular sizes of wall art and printed art. After printing directly on the canvas we stretch it using a gallery style wrap. This gives that perfect look to help all your photos and pictures pop. Everything from Instagram selfie squares to graceful gallery wraps to wonderful wedding photos or any art you can think of to print is possible. Don’t over think it! Once you’ve save your print you’re able to reload it and make those last second tweaks to get the right text or design the photo layout before submitting. You can even load your design on any other one of our canvas print sizes with one click!

Quality Photo Prints

All of our work is done is the US, printed and shipped from the US. We pride ourselves on our great prints and we’re always finding new and improved ways to make your pictures and photos looks great. We’ve been trusted by many customers to make sure their photo memories and gifts are as priceless as the photos used to print them. It’s easy and free to make a canvas print, so try it out and design your own with our site. Thanks for visiting! Design Your Own Canvas Print »