Personalized Canvases for Your Home

If you are looking for a place to create meaningful, quality, personalized canvases for your space, Make Canvas Prints is a small, female-founded business dedicated to delivering consistent, high-quality canvases that make excellent decor, gifts, and more. Whether you are looking to redecorate your own home or create a unique gift for someone else’s space, you can rely on us to help you bring your vision to life.

Why Personalized Canvases? 

Finding pre-printed wall hangings that represents your personal style and design dreams can be exhaustively frustrating. Half the time you cannot find exactly what you are looking for and end up dissatisfied– repurchasing new decor later down the line. With Make Canvas Prints, you can ensure that your home decor reflects exactly who you are and what you envision for your home. You can create sentimental pieces that are individually yours and add a personal touch to any room. 

Personalized canvases for your bedroom

Why Us? 

Making custom canvases that are high quality and long-lasting has never been simpler thanks to the user friendly customization Make Canvas Prints’ easy-to-use customization platform. Each project is individually, gallery-wrapped on a 1.5″ wood frame of high quality kiln dried, beveled stretcher bars. You can feel confident knowing that you will receive exactly what you designed and that the canvas will be personally handled with care.


How Does it Work?

Head over to and into the ‘create’ tab. Select your desired canvas size and begin creating your design! If you’re unsure where to start, there are plenty of stock photos and ideas at your disposal to use. Our platform is designed to give you the most creative control over your project. Whether you want to use quotes, personal photos, or classic art, Make Canvas Prints has a vast selection of graphics and media for you to choose from. Our community gallery can provide inspiration from other personal creations.  You can create an account on our site to save and come back to your personal projects. Make Canvas Prints is dedicated to being an accessible business and you can reach out to us any time via the ‘Contact Us’ page with questions and comments.

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Decorating your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home so it’s essential to create the perfect resting space. The goal of decorating a bedroom, is making it the place to unwind in. There is no better feeling than when you’re actually excited for bedtime. Of course, a comfortable bed is one great place to start. But what about the decor? No matter how small or large your room is, here are a few style tips to help you create the bedroom of your dreams:

Large Floor Artwork

One stylish and artistic idea to create a more bohemian vibe, is leaning larger artwork on the floor. Choose a vintage photo that matches your other accents in the room like the photo below. Leaning, as opposed to hanging, can create a cozy effect that is truly unique.

Large floor Art

Pick a Decorative Design

Vintage drawings, patterned pillows, textured blankets can all add a chic touch to your bedroom. Start with hanging a cool photo over your bed and the rest will be history! Match colors from the painting to your bedding to create the perfect vibe.

decorate designs

Get Eclectic

Don’t be afraid to layer textures and styles and combine themes. You can create a Rustic AND elegant room by having a distressed wooden bed frame topped with velvet or furry pillows! The two worlds will collide perfectly, creating the room of your dreams.

elegant rustic

Create your bedroom Artwork Now!

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The Art of Hanging Wall Art

There are many theories and strategies when it comes to hanging wall art in your home. Many people feel intimidated when deciding the perfect placement or spacing of their art. It’s not as hard as it seems! There are a few simple rules to keep in mind that involve height, grouping and sizing. These tips will help you make the best of hanging your wall art.

Hang your Wall Art at the right Height

Make sure your art is at the right height. You never want to hang photos too high or to low. A rule of thumb is to make sure the center of the photo is at eye level. If you are hanging a group of photos, the center of the grouping should be at eye level.

th (2)

Group Wall Art Together

Grouping your wall art has become an art in itself! It’s easier than it looks. Think of your photos as a unit. Place them together with either all different frames with black and white photos or all the same frames with colorful photos. You can get creative with placing them horizontal or vertical, but make sure they are all the same distance apart.


Plan Where your Art should go

When hanging your wall art on small narrow walls, choose smaller pieces or group smaller photos together. On larger, high walls, make sure your hanging larges pieces. There are also a few rules to think about when placing art above furniture. Never have your hanging art be longer than the furniture in front of it. Too many large pieces will over power the wall. IT is really helpful to plan before hanging your art. You should hanging craft paper first, to get an idea of how your art will look together. Kraft-paper-gallery-wall-planning

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Canvas Art for your Office

Having artwork hung in your workplace can be super important for the moral, vibe and mood in your office. Hanging canvas artwork is one of the best ways to decorate walls at your work because they are three-denominational, the canvas is light which makes it easy to hang anywhere, and they last for years! The best part about OUR canvases, is that you can customize them. You won’t have to go to the store and shuffle through pre-made canvas designs and meaningless quotes…You can create anything you want to be printed on your canvases, right here on our site!

Inspirational Quotes on your Canvas

In any job, it is important to stay inspired. Motivation can make all the difference in how a job is done. I know whenever I’m having a bad day, readying an inspiring and moving quote on the internet is all I need to pick me back up, out of a funk. What if you could print these truly, moving quotes all around the office for everyone to see. Wouldn’t that make work a better place? Don’t stress if you have writer’s block…We have a bunch of inspirational design ideas on our site, ready for print! Click here to check out the Inspirational Canvas Gallery!

Complex Canvas Prints that make you THINK

Speaking of writer’s block, have you ever been in a mood at work where you can’t think of the right words for an email? You just can’t get your brain to turn and you find yourself sitting with your chin rested on your hand? Putting complex and abstract art on the walls of your office is proven to get those wheels turning! Here are some cool complex canvas prints:


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Trendy 2019 Wall Art

It’s a new year which means it is time to re-vamp your home decor. What a better way to change the look in any room than with hanging Wall Art! Custom canvases make great wall art because they are light and easy to hang, and you have the ability to design your canvas however you want! The great thing about custom wall art is you can create any type of look for any room. Here are some trending 2019 wall art ideas:

Using Lighting methods around your Wall Art

Putting your wall art on display can be challenging. Whether you want it centered, aside a window or above your bed, lighting is always an important factor. One trend of 2019 is to add spotlights above or below your wall art. This will illuminate your beautiful wall art and make your room look cozy and chic.


Continuing Photo Wall Art>

This trending wall art approach is already huge since the start of 2019. The idea being, you choose a photo, and split it up in different sections to hang on a wall with spaces in between. This wall art hanging strategy is a really cool way to accent your walls. It looks great as a statement piece above a couch or bed. You can even pic different canvas sizes for each piece.

Wall-Art-Frame-Canvas-HD-Prints-Painting-5-Pieces-DJ-Music-Instrument-Turntables-Poster-Home-Decor (1)

Multiple Random Designs

This Wall Art trend of 2019 is a really cool way to place all the things you love on one wall. You take a bunch of simple photos, with the same sort of filter on them and place them on one wall. Some horizontal and some vertical. The cool thing about this wall art technique is you can match the photos with any of the decor in that room. It’s the perfect statement wall to make your room pop.

Wall Arts ~ Framed Wall Art Australia Cheap Framed Wall Art Near ... regarding Cheap Framed Wall Art - Wall Art and Wall Decor Ideas

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Nature Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Our earth is beautiful, so it makes sense nature is our number one subject of art and photography. If you are ever stuck in a feng shui rut, you can always count on a beautiful beach, forest or sunset photo to look beautiful in your home or space. The only thing more beautiful than a nature photos, are ones you took yourself. Put your photos from Thailand on a beautiful custom canvas for a memorabilia that will last a life time and look great anywhere you hang it! Watch this video to learn some great photography do’s and don’ts!

How to Pick a Theme For Your Room

Watch this video to learn how to pick a theme for your room and other fun tips for making your room your the ultimate personal sanctuary. Once you rid your room of clutter, it opens up the creative space literally and figuratively for you to decide on colors, themes and the general layout. Once you do this, you can easily create a custom canvas for decoration that can will match your room perfectly because YOU designed it!

Canvas With Quotes

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Quote?

Everybody has a favorite quote whether it’s one they were told as a child, read in a favorite book, or heard in a movie. Regardless of how one’s favorite quote came to be, what they all have in common is that they stuck with us and struck a cord with us that made us feel a certain way. There is a quote out there that can resonate with us for any mood we are feeling. A beautiful custom canvas with quotes is the perfect way to bring that quote to life. quotecanvas

Creating the Ambiance

When you walk into a room, the first thing we notice is the ambiance. When we have a space of our own that we want to decorate whether it’s a bedroom, room in a house, or office space our goal is to design it to whatever ambiance, vibe, style or look we are trying to achieve. A Canvas with quotes is a great way to send a message and let who ever is in the room feel that message when they read it. The best thing about a quote canvas is that it’s simple enough to go anywhere in your home! With the ability to customize your background and text, you can go with a classic look that can go in any room or pick out the colors when you are designing to match your room.

Endless Possibilities

A canvas with quotes can be funny, happy, sad, sentimental inspirational or anything you want! A canvas with quotes is also a great way to create a memorabilia piece. You can quote all the hilarious things your family said on a family vacation, a crazy girls/guy trip, a sports season, or to remember a special person. A great use for a canvas with quotes out of the home for example are in schools or offices. Remember those posters from the 90’s your teachers had? Now, you can recreate the same ones but on a beautiful custom canvas that matches the colors of your room, won’t rip or wear and makes people want to actually read them! A custom canvas with quotes is the perfect way to add some fun to any room.

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Interior Home Decorating with Wall Art


In this video, you can learn some great tips on interior home design and how to hang your custom canvases strategically to tie the room together. This video gives some great tips on how high to hang art, where to hang different sized pieces as well as different types of layouts you can try such as symmetrical or “salon style”. The video ends with a very practical interior home tip for nailing holes into the wall that wont mess up the paint!

The Power of Writing Your New Years Resolutions on a Custom Canvas

In this video by Mary Morrissey, life coach, author of 2 best selling books and founder of Life Mastery Institute, she explains the power of writing down your goals & dreams backed up with scientific studies. With the new year upon us, we all understand how sometimes one can feel pressured to have a “New Years Resolution” that involves some big old transformation or life change. Along with that, comes the fear and doubt in the back of our minds, “What if I don’t succeed?”, “What will my friends think of me if I quit?”, “What if it’s too hard?”. We are here to help you! Writing down your goals on a custom printed canvas that YOU designed will tell yourself that you made a small investment to reach a bigger goal. Also, you can hang it somewhere you will see it everyday and be reminded- in style! You can print an old photo you like of yourself if you want to lose weight, use a code word, photo or symbol that only you know what it stands for, or simply type your goal(s) or inspirational quote out with a fun text and background, for example: “Positivity” if you are striving to be a more positive person. The possibilities are endless once you commit to believe in yourself and your ability and creativity!

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