There are many theories and strategies when it comes to hanging wall art in your home. Many people feel intimidated when deciding the perfect placement or spacing of their art. It’s not as hard as it seems! There are a few simple rules to keep in mind that involve height, grouping and sizing. These tips will help you make the best of hanging your wall art.

Hang your Wall Art at the right Height

Make sure your art is at the right height. You never want to hang photos too high or to low. A rule of thumb is to make sure the center of the photo is at eye level. If you are hanging a group of photos, the center of the grouping should be at eye level.

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Group Wall Art Together

Grouping your wall art has become an art in itself! It’s easier than it looks. Think of your photos as a unit. Place them together with either all different frames with black and white photos or all the same frames with colorful photos. You can get creative with placing them horizontal or vertical, but make sure they are all the same distance apart.


Plan Where your Art should go

When hanging your wall art on small narrow walls, choose smaller pieces or group smaller photos together. On larger, high walls, make sure your hanging larges pieces. There are also a few rules to think about when placing art above furniture. Never have your hanging art be longer than the furniture in front of it. Too many large pieces will over power the wall. IT is really helpful to plan before hanging your art. You should hanging craft paper first, to get an idea of how your art will look together.

Create Your Own Wall Art to Hang!

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