Personalized Canvases for Your Home

If you are looking for a place to create meaningful, quality, personalized canvases for your space, Make Canvas Prints is a small, female-founded business dedicated to delivering consistent, high-quality canvases that make excellent decor, gifts, and more. Whether you are looking to redecorate your own home or create a unique gift for someone else’s space, you can rely on us to help you bring your vision to life.

Why Personalized Canvases? 

Finding pre-printed wall hangings that represents your personal style and design dreams can be exhaustively frustrating. Half the time you cannot find exactly what you are looking for and end up dissatisfied– repurchasing new decor later down the line. With Make Canvas Prints, you can ensure that your home decor reflects exactly who you are and what you envision for your home. You can create sentimental pieces that are individually yours and add a personal touch to any room. 

Personalized canvases for your bedroom

Why Us? 

Making custom canvases that are high quality and long-lasting has never been simpler thanks to the user friendly customization Make Canvas Prints’ easy-to-use customization platform. Each project is individually, gallery-wrapped on a 1.5″ wood frame of high quality kiln dried, beveled stretcher bars. You can feel confident knowing that you will receive exactly what you designed and that the canvas will be personally handled with care.


How Does it Work?

Head over to and into the ‘create’ tab. Select your desired canvas size and begin creating your design! If you’re unsure where to start, there are plenty of stock photos and ideas at your disposal to use. Our platform is designed to give you the most creative control over your project. Whether you want to use quotes, personal photos, or classic art, Make Canvas Prints has a vast selection of graphics and media for you to choose from. Our community gallery can provide inspiration from other personal creations.  You can create an account on our site to save and come back to your personal projects. Make Canvas Prints is dedicated to being an accessible business and you can reach out to us any time via the ‘Contact Us’ page with questions and comments.

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Calling all photographers! Well, these days with the insane cameras on smart phones, anyone can call themselves a photographer. We all live busy lives. We get up make breakfast, travel to work, clock in for the day, maybe we work out after, maybe we grab a drink with some friends…whatever your routine is, we want to see a snip-it of your day, everyday. There are no limits in creating your photo-of-the-day and the options are endless. Give us your best shot! :

Mood Photos

We all have our days. Sometimes we wake up motivated and ready to go, and other times we don’t. Maybe your photo of the day is all about your mood! Did you drop your Starbucks all over the seat of your car? Are you wearing the new bold and bright lipstick you were once hesitant to wear? Any of these moments could be your photo-of-the-day. !

View Photos

What do you look at everyday? Everyone has a unique point of view and creating something artistic out of it is truly something special. Whether you see something strange in the middle of the sidewalk, or there’s an insane amount of traffic or maybe a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe, this could be your photo-of-the-day. !


Living Things Photo

Is your dog being cute? Does your plant look healthy? Are you feelin’ yourself? Your photo could be a selfie if that’s the kind of day you’re having! Post whatever or whoever you feel!


Photos that Move

Photos when you’re on the go are not only realistic but they’re also artistic! Take a photo of a firetruck buzzing by, or a jogger speeding past you. Maybe your dog is fetching a ball or you’re driving by lights at night. Be creative with these photos. You’ll notice how fast the world really moves!

young fitness woman trail runner running  on city road

young fitness woman trail runner running on city road

Submit your photos

Submit your photos of the day by tagging @makecanvasprints on instagram. We can’t wait to see your photo-of-the-day! If you fall in love with your photos, print them on a canvas! Our easy-to-use technology allows you to upload any photo from your phone, on to any size canvas.

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Mother’s Day Canvas Prints

What do Mothers want for Mother’s Day? Photos of their family of course! Mother’s love showcasing their best creations in life. What a better way than giving the gift of canvas prints? :

Candid Family Photos

The most natural way to capture a family is the candid way. Have your kids play in a beautiful setting and allow your photographer to snap away. Organic photos of your kids actually laughing are the best kinds of photos! SIt down with your partner and let your children climb on your back, make a pig pile! Have fun so the photographer and capture the natural happy emotions from your family.


Use Fun Props

Props can be a fun way to portray hobbies and the lifestyle of your family. Let your kids play with or hold on to their favorite toy. If your family like to golf, take some pictures on the golf course, or if you kayak, pose on a kayak on a river. Using props is an easy way to get your family to pose naturally and in their element.


Up Close and Blown Up

Get up close in personal and blow your photo up! This is a technique that is really trending. Select a photo of everyone in your family smiling big and blow it up focusing only on the faces. These make for great framed photos for your house and the blown up approach is always very tasteful. healthy-family-1b

Upload Your Family Photos On Canvas Now!

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Valentine’s Day Custom Canvases

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have any ideas on what to get your crush? How about a custom canvas! Canvas art makes a great gift because you can upload your own photos, texts or create a new design however you want! Canvas art looks great on the wall and lasts for years. Think outside the box this year for Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one with a thoughtful custom canvas. Here are some cool ideas for a Valentine’s Day custom canvas:

Upload a Cute Couples Photo

Pick a nice photo you took together and upload it to our canvas! What’s a better gift than a photo of a great memory you had together? If you have more than one, you can make a collage and add cool photo features to every photo. Your babe will fall in love with how thoughtful the gift is AND it will look great hung up on the wall!

love 2

Valentine’s Day Quotes on Canvas

Another idea is to create a thoughtful canvas with a poem, song lyrics, or special quote! There are some great fonts to choose from in our library that will make the text really pop. You can add backgrounds, or upload photos behind the text to make it have even more personality. There are endless possibilities when creating a custom canvas.

love canvas

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Custom Canvases for any Space

Designing custom canvases is an easy and fun way to improve the decor of any space. Having the freedom to upload any photo, quote or text on to blank canvas give you the power to create all sorts of vibes. Custom canvases aren’t only great for homes, they can be an amazing touch to any type of space. Here are some ideas on where to hang your custom canvas:


Your Office or Work Place

Custom canvases with inspirational quotes or messages are great for hanging in the office. Your employees will love to look up form their desks to the motivational quote you picked out to brighten their day. You can create a wall of uplifting words, photos that inspire, or even just nice pictures that brighten up the work place. If you went on a work trip and have fun group photos of your co-workers, putting that a custom canvas will surly bring a smile to everyone’s face

Your Store or Restaurant>

If you’re a business owner, designing a custom canvas print for your shop or restaurant, is a really unique way to personalize your walls. You can upload photos of the products you sell, and scatter them on the walls or in the restrooms. Custom canvas prints make nice signs too. Canvas gives a vintage touch to anything you decide to put on them.

For a Party

Have you ever been to a birthday party, retirement party or anniversary where there is a poster filled with memorable photos and quotes about that person? Designing a celebratory shrine of someone on a custom canvas print will not only last that person years, it will also look incredible on a stand for everyone to see. What’s great about canvas, is you can write on it too. Your guests at the party can sign their names and write funny memories directly on the canvas for the special friend or family member to cherish forever.

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Family Custom Canvas Holiday Gift Guide

Family Themed Canvases

The Holidays is a time for family and friends. Show your loved ones you care with a custom and personalized canvas print. Our easy to use online canvas customizer allows you to create your own work of art in minutes! Add backgrounds, photos, text, effects, and more!

Custom Family Photo Canvas

Custom Family Photo Canvas Collage

Customize your favorite family photo and gift it to your loved ones for a memorable and personalized holiday gift. Have a lot of family photos to choose from? Make a collage canvas or a collage of canvases that you can arrange however you like, you are the designer! For more ideas on custom family photos on canvas, read HERE.

Family Motto Canvas

Custom Family Motto Canvas

Does your family have a funny saying or motto? Put those family sayings and family mottos on your custom canvas print and display it prominently in your home. Give others a glimpse into what your family is about with a custom canvas holiday gift. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Baby Photos on Canvas

Custom Pink Baby Photo Canvas

Did your family or friends welcome a baby this year? Put that adorable baby on a custom canvas print, add text for an even more personalized touch. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Pet Photos on Canvas

Custom Pet Canvas Print

Pets or “Fur babies” are apart of the family too so don’t leave them out of your custom canvas print. Make sure you get a great picture of your pet, for pet photo tips check our post HERE.

Design and Order early

to make sure your personalized and custom canvas gifts

arrive in time for the holidays!


How to Pick a Theme For Your Room

Watch this video to learn how to pick a theme for your room and other fun tips for making your room your the ultimate personal sanctuary. Once you rid your room of clutter, it opens up the creative space literally and figuratively for you to decide on colors, themes and the general layout. Once you do this, you can easily create a custom canvas for decoration that can will match your room perfectly because YOU designed it!

Custom Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While you have most likely already noticed your local drug stores and super markets suddenly exploding with teddy bears, flowers, and fancily wrapped chocolates you may be reminded that you haven’t found the perfect gift for your special someone yet. Or you have thought about it, but don’t know what to get them.

Don’t look any further! This year you can skip the overcrowded and expensive restaurant reservations, flowers that will die, and chocolates that will end up getting eaten by your boyfriend or girlfriend’s roommate and make them a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime! You can honestly never go wrong with a handmade gift, but if you aren’t blessed with an artistic hand, let us do the work for you! You can upload your own photo, type your own text- in an array of fonts and colors, or upload your own digital art to create a perfect and personal gift for your Valentine. The possibilities are endless! You can create a photo collage, write love poem, type your favorite song lyrics, blow up that favorite photo you have together, or create something totally new with our backgrounds, images and patterns! If you really need some help you can always search our “browse” section for some inspirationitrustyoucanvas

Yes, Valentine’s day has a reputation for being an over-rated and pointless holiday to some- (even those who aren’t single!), but when you create a one of a kind custom canvas made specifically for your Valentine and you don’t have to break the bank or buy something you can find a million copies of across town it isn’t pointless or overrated by any means! In the society we live in where the real meaning of many Holidays are demoted to promote material items and spending money, Valentine’s day is one of the most intimate and personal, so why WOULDN’T your gift reflect this?

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6 Best Photo Editing Apps

With the amazing capability of today’s smartphones, you are able to take your images directly from your phone and upload them on to our custom canvases with ease. As you know, we have many fun backgrounds, text options and patterns you can use to decorate your canvas. With that being said, it is also important you edit your photo to bring out and enhance it’s features before uploading. Remember, this is a piece of art that will last you a lifetime, so you don’t want any dark shadows or red eyes to be in your photo! In this video by TheUnlockr, Peter Mckinnon shows us the best photo editing apps out there so you can create a custom photo canvas that looks professional!

Inspirational Quote Prints To Spruce Up Your Home

Have you ever had a moment where life just isn’t going your way only to glance up and see an inspirational saying that instantly boosts your mood? With MakeCanvasPrints, you can create inspirational quote prints that are sure to not only boost your mood but also spruce up a room. With a variety of fonts, colors and graphic details to choose from, you have the ability to create any size print just the way you want it.

Inspirational Quote Prints as Mood Boosters

We all have those quotes that have stuck with us all our lives, the ones that instantly come to mind when we are looking for inspiration or encouragement. Whether they are words we wrote ourselves, heard from our parents, or There is no better way to remind yourself of your favorite quote than to put it on a wall hanging. It’s a simple and fun process to create inspirational quote prints on our website. Within minutes you can type out your quote, choose your font, and add the finishing touches to your design. All you have to do from there is await the delivery of your quote print and decide where to hang it.

inspirational quote prints

Make a Statement

You can use your Create your Own! as statement pieces to tie a room together. Place it front and center on in your hallway or above your bed in your bedroom. With a print like this, you can totally change the look and feel of a room while lifting spirits at the same time.

Design Your Quote Print