The Art of Hanging Wall Art

There are many theories and strategies when it comes to hanging wall art in your home. Many people feel intimidated when deciding the perfect placement or spacing of their art. It’s not as hard as it seems! There are a few simple rules to keep in mind that involve height, grouping and sizing. These tips will help you make the best of hanging your wall art.

Hang your Wall Art at the right Height

Make sure your art is at the right height. You never want to hang photos too high or to low. A rule of thumb is to make sure the center of the photo is at eye level. If you are hanging a group of photos, the center of the grouping should be at eye level.

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Group Wall Art Together

Grouping your wall art has become an art in itself! It’s easier than it looks. Think of your photos as a unit. Place them together with either all different frames with black and white photos or all the same frames with colorful photos. You can get creative with placing them horizontal or vertical, but make sure they are all the same distance apart.


Plan Where your Art should go

When hanging your wall art on small narrow walls, choose smaller pieces or group smaller photos together. On larger, high walls, make sure your hanging larges pieces. There are also a few rules to think about when placing art above furniture. Never have your hanging art be longer than the furniture in front of it. Too many large pieces will over power the wall. IT is really helpful to plan before hanging your art. You should hanging craft paper first, to get an idea of how your art will look together. Kraft-paper-gallery-wall-planning

Create Your Own Wall Art to Hang!

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Interior Home Decorating with Wall Art


In this video, you can learn some great tips on interior home design and how to hang your custom canvases strategically to tie the room together. This video gives some great tips on how high to hang art, where to hang different sized pieces as well as different types of layouts you can try such as symmetrical or “salon style”. The video ends with a very practical interior home tip for nailing holes into the wall that wont mess up the paint!

Update Your Old Wall Art with a New Photo Canvas

Spring Cleaning

With winter passing, mother nature has prepped the trees and grass for the new spring blossoms. Then comes spring, which is a reminder to us that change can be a good thing! Spring cleaning is about getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. When cleaning out the house, it can be a therapeutic process of shedding the items that no longer serve you, and making room for items that bring you joy. A photo canvas is a simple way to brighten up a room.

photo canvas

A New Photo Canvas

You can use wall art as a bold statement piece to tie the room together. With a large photo canvas, you can totally change the look and feel of a room. It is an easy way to update any home and refresh the atmosphere. Large photos of nature scenes, flowers, or abstract art are great ideas for a large photo canvas. The triple canvas look is also another way to add a statement piece in the living room. For this look, the design is broken into three canvases that are hung next to each other.

Designing a Photo Canvas

When designing the photo canvas, breaks the process into 4 easy steps to follow. Step one is uploading the image, step two is the option to add text, step three is adding a background, and step four is saving your design! A useful tip is to make sure the resolution of the image is large enough if you are creating a large canvas. This way, when printed, the image will come out clear and crisp.


Happy Spring Cleaning!

Mother’s Day Photo Canvas


Photo Canvas Prints With a Poem

Poetry on a Beautiful Photo Canvas

Being works of art themselves, poems can also make great wall decor as a photo canvas. Writing your own poem or reading another can bring feelings of love, joy, and laughter. Poems are a special way to show someone how we feel about them and to show appreciation. The Japanese are known for their carefully written Haiku Poems. Shakespeare is known for his clever love poems. And how many of us were teenagers who wrote poems before and after a heartbreak?

Love Poems

The most popular types of poems we come across are love poems. Love poems are a simple and thoughtful way to express your admiration for another person. Writing personal poetry can be one of the most romantic things a guy can do for his lady. Some classic poems already capture what we are trying to say in the most elegant and simple way. Either types of poems make for a great photo canvas!

Picking the Perfect Photo

Wedding photos are classic design background when it comes to poem canvases. Nowadays, they are readily available in high resolution and edited by the photographer. If your wedding picture happens to be one taken by a film camera, then that is okay too! These photos will maintain that film photo charm. Landscape photos are also an excellent choice for photo canvas backgrounds. Landscape photos are often well balanced and make for a nice deign. Nature photography of colorful leaves, mountains, a snowy forest, or a tropical ocean also make for great photo canvas backgrounds. A lot of poetry resonates with nature, and it is easy to find a complimentary nature photo.

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