How to Take Great Pictures of Your Pets for A Custom Pet Canvas

There is something about the texture of a canvas that just brings pet and animal photos to life! They are a great way to showcase your furry loved one(s) and hang them up on the wall with the rest of the family! Professional photographer, Mark Fonville has been photographing pets for years gives us some tips on how to take awesome pet photos! He says the key is to get on your pets level so you can capture them up close, whether that means laying on the ground or bringing them up on a ledge or piece of furniture. Watch this video for more of his tips on how to take pet photos like a pro!

Custom Canvas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is around the corner and you are searching for gift ideas for friends and family. A personal customized gift, that warms the heart with good laugh is the best kind of gift. Custom canvas prints are a simple way to bring your gift ideas to life on high quality bright canvases.

gift ideas

Love is… Gift Ideas

Do you remember reading the comics of the cute naked couple, by the artist Kim Casali ? Each comic would say “love is…” and then have a short saying such as, “reading each other as a book.” This concept can make for great gift ideas. With a photograph of a couple, you can create your own version of what love is. The example above is one that I made for my cousin’s bachelorette party gift. Definitely being  one of my better gift ideas, there was a lot of positive reaction from everyone. My aunt and grandma liked it so much that they wanted me to get one for them also. My grandma said it would also make a great post wedding gift with photos of the bride and groom.

love-is-comics-kim-casali-kim-grove-39f9dc6095009e46af4cab8004ede3d48ddownload (1)

Using the Design Tool

When uploading a photograph, make sure that you upload an image with a high resolution. This will ensure that the print comes our clear and crisp. For the text, we have a text tool that will allow you too freely add text anywhere on the canvas. There are many font colors and types of fonts that you can choose from. Our design tool makes creating your gift ideas fun and easy.

Start Creating!

Design A Custom Canvas

Wedding Gifts for Bachelorettes and Bridesmaids Parties

As bridesmaids flock together for the Bachelorette party, the festivities begin with eating, drinking, and gift giving. During these lively events, there may be joyful tears, and there may be melodramatic tears. Either way, it is a special time of gathering and exchanging wedding gifts as a way of expressing the bonds we share.

wedding gift  bridesmaids gift bachelorette gifts

Wedding Gifts and Care Packages

To take on a bachelorette wedding party, it definitely helps to have a care package. Inside you can find your arsenal of chocolate, chapstick, mascara, water bottles, and scented lotions. If you want to add a personal touch, you could always add a small custom canvas into the batch of goodies. We have small 8×10 custom canvases that would be the perfect size for a cute wedding gift. You can add fun pictures of you and your girlfriends for an extra touch of care and love.

Custom Canvas Ideas

You can personalize a mini custom canvas with pictures and text. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the personal pictures of the good times shared in the past. You can also add fun and inspiring quotes to the custom canvas by using our multi-line text tool. There is also a collection of colorful background images that you can use to create a unique canvas.

Goodies for Your Bridesmaids

cute nail polish color
mono gram tote bag
silky bath kimono
clutches to match their dress
tide pen
a bar of delicious chocolate
mini custom canvas!

Best Wishes for your Big Day!

Design A Mini Custom Canvas

Exploring New Fonts Available for Your Custom Canvas

Here at, we’re always reviewing your designs and thinking of what we can do to help you create new and awesome designs. There are two particularly popular types of custom canvas prints. The first involves a personal photo – whether it’s an engagement or wedding photo, a family photo, or photos of family kids. Written on the photo is usually a date (typically an anniversary) or a quote or favorite phrase. The second most popular canvas made is typically a quote or poem written on top of one of our backgrounds or a photo.

That being said, we wanted to highlight the new and improved font selection to give our customers even more options to make their canvas just that much different. We have fonts that range from script, to bubble letters, to cats in the shapes of letters. Each font can give your custom canvas print a new look and feel and really set the tone of the image. A poem written in a script font compared to a bubble letter font makes a huge difference.

Sample fonts:

We encourage you to play around with the new fonts and try out something different! Choose your size and start designing here.

How to Design a Canvas Print

So , you know you want a canvas print but not sure what to put on it?  This article will help guide you into making the perfect canvas print for that big empty space in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want!

Decide where to hang your canvas

Decide where you want to hang the print.  Depending on where you hang it can determine which photo you would like to put on it.  If you want to hang a canvas in a nursery, a picture of the baby would fit.  If you are looking for a photo for your office, a scenic picture with an inspirational quote would work.  If you want to add some character to your bedroom, a fun picture with friends would fit right in.

Choose your photo

Canvas prints are a great way to showcase a photo with good memories.  If you’ve had a recent vacation, choosing a photo from the trip is a cool and different way to remind yourself of your time spent traveling.  If you celebrated a special occasion with your friends, putting the photo on canvas is the perfect way to save that memory.  Other ideas for photos are your pet(s), significant other, family portraits, sunsets and other scenery, or favorite quotes.

Choose your size

The great part about a canvas print is that you can fill a large space with a big print without the expensive costs for framing.  Your print will look professional at a fraction of the cost of a printed and framed photo of the same size.

Text on Backgrounds

If you want to print a favorite or inspirational quote, you can choose from over 50 new fonts under step 2 to print your quote in.  If you don’t have a photo and you want a cool background, go to step 3 “Backgrounds” and select “Choose Background Image”.  From this menu you will find a list of backgrounds including patterns, scenery, flowers, and more.

That’s it!  Those are the basic steps to create a perfect canvas print!  Click here to get yours started!