Here at, we’re always reviewing your designs and thinking of what we can do to help you create new and awesome designs. There are two particularly popular types of custom canvas prints. The first involves a personal photo – whether it’s an engagement or wedding photo, a family photo, or photos of family kids. Written on the photo is usually a date (typically an anniversary) or a quote or favorite phrase. The second most popular canvas made is typically a quote or poem written on top of one of our backgrounds or a photo.

That being said, we wanted to highlight the new and improved font selection to give our customers even more options to make their canvas just that much different. We have fonts that range from script, to bubble letters, to cats in the shapes of letters. Each font can give your custom canvas print a new look and feel and really set the tone of the image. A poem written in a script font compared to a bubble letter font makes a huge difference.

Sample fonts:

We encourage you to play around with the new fonts and try out something different! Choose your size and start designing here.