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Decorate Your Dorm With Photos Printed On Canvas

Use your photos of your college memories and upload them to a custom canvas print for your dorm room. You can add your own colors, text, and use our graphics too! Within minutes you can have an amazing canvas print for your dorm room wall.

College Memories For Your Dorm Room Decor

College dorms are drab enough with their generic beds and cafeteria food. Snoring roommates and loud parties – this is your push through into life. Trial by fire I guess you could say. The experiences that come from University Dorm  life will either scar you for life or make you smile each time you think of em’.  Being it’s your first adventure away from home a lot of new, lets say , freedoms come into your life. If you are like me you would want to capture it on film, then print the best moments out as art. Animal House 1

Art Imitates Life Capture It With MakeCanvasPrints

Printing on canvas to decorate your dorm room is the first thought because you are there right now most likely. Art imitates life they say – at make canvas prints  dot com this is indeed true! Especially when your iPhone seems like it’s operating itself, by itself and then on the camera app your videos and photos live.  Our process at www.makecanvasprints.com makes it so easy to take those fabulous images you’ve taken and make them look “hand painted”.  

Live The Dream MakeYour Own Creations

If you are the artsy type you might discover this; is a dream come true. Style is covered from Warhol looks or photoshopped original art based on your photos.  Like most you might just like clever projects involving art, and decorating your dorm room with canvas prints doesn’t sound bad…Infact it’s the perfect project to get your creative vibe on and we will walk you through it step by step. There are only like 3 steps.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 5.29.49 PM

Make Your Dorm Room The Coolest On Campus

This is pretty much the only time a person goes off to college.  You only go off to school and become what you are going to be once so let www.makecanvasprints.com do the heavy lifting and make your dorm room the coolest pad on campus.

How to Make Your Own Triptych Canvas

make your own triptych canvas

We are excited to share with you our new product, the triptych canvas. The triptych canvas set is stretched over 3 8×10 canvases totaling 24” x 10”. The three canvases are stretched on a 1.5 inch frame and come ready to hang on the wall. We already made the measurements for you so that it is easy for you to make your own triptych canvas. Without having to put in the guesswork of where the photos have to line up, it is a simple four step process.

Panoramic Triptych

Panoramic photos work great as a triptych canvas, since these photos tend to be longer in length than the standard photo. Landscapes are the most popular panoramic type photo and are compatible with the triptych canvas look. Breaking a landscape photo into three panels is a great way to add an extra design element to the image. This wouldn’t work as well as a photo with a single subject matter, such as a portrait, but if done right, it can still be done. Another type of image that would work well as a triptych canvas is abstract art. This look is often found in modern homes with large artwork on the walls. The canvases we have set up as triptych are smaller in size, but still can be compatible as small abstract art hanging in an office.

Make Your Own Triptych Canvas with Ease

Like we said earlier, the guesswork is done for you, so that you can make your own triptych canvas with ease. The images will be fully wrapped around the frame, and the measurements have already been made. When side-by-side, the canvases will line up evenly and the images will align perfectly. Therefore, the edges of the canvas will not be left blank, but will also have the images seamlessly carrying over to the next canvas. The gallery wrap look of the triptych canvas can be easily designed by you.

Make Your Own Triptych Canvas

Design Here!

Trade Canvas Prints Available For Bulk and Wholesale

We Have Trade Canvas Prints for Sale With Bulk Canvas Prices

We’ve got some of the best bulk canvas pricing with our trade canvas prints and wholesale canvas. Get archival quality canvas prints for use in art galleries, photography exhibitions, reprints, and office decor. We do custom canvas printing in bulk like no one else: use our canvas print designer to design your trade canvas print. Use any of our stock backgrounds, images, your photos, your text, and even your logo. Lay out the perfect print with our customizer and reload your design to get the final touches just right. You can put through your trade canvas print order on the site or contact us directly about your trade canvas order.

Commitment to Our Trade Canvas Prints Process

At MakeCanvasPrints we’re on the forefront of designing your own canvas print online but we take that commitment to quality offline, too. Using a proven and dedicated process we can manage your wholesale canvas and trade canvas prints from design to delivery. We’ll help you understand the do’s and don’ts on image quality, print sizing, best practices, RGB vs. CMYK, bleed, wrap and everything that goes in to making the best canvas prints.

Design Your Own Trade Canvas Prints

Take a look at our website and lay out the design your want for your trade canvas! Its ok to try multiple canvas designs and find what you like. If you are looking for multiple sizes or have a specific delivery schedule please let us know. If you have multiple shipping addresses for you order please let us know in advance. We are able to handle most expedited shipping requests and insured shipping requests. Please let us know if you have specific brand colors we’ll do our best to color match exactly against your logo. As always with trade prints please use the highest quality images and the highest quality photographs.

Get Quotes on Trade Canvas Prints and Wholesale Canvas

Wholesale Canvas Prints Are Now Even Better!

Wholesale Canvas Prints Just Got a Big Upgrade!

Wholesale Canvas Prints We’ve gone to great lengths to improve our wholesale canvas prints! Now you can get even better wholesale canvas printing from us on any of your bulk canvas orders! We fully support all submissions with a dedicated hands on process that begins on our site. Use our customizer to design your perfect canvas prints and then get that print wholesale. Most large spaces rely on wholesale canvas prints to cover their wall space and use our custom printing to deliver a unique wall effect. All bulk orders on custom canvas prints and wall art can be submitted in RGB or CMYK format. We’ll proof your image with you and go over the full set of options around sizing, delivery location, and marketing calendars or timelines. Looking for wholesale canvas prints or bulk canvas printing? Click here!

Are Bulk Canvas Orders Right For You?

If you have a large space or event with a visual focus then there is a fair chance you will need wholesale canvas prints. Some of customers include photographers, artists, major brands, office designers, residential buildings, and even civic services. We’ve delivered large quantity orders for major events like musical performances, gallery openings, and even high school awards ceremonies. Some of our use our service to decorate sets for plays or theater productions or even used to create canvas prints to decorate the inside of churches.

Get more info on our wholesale canvas prints and our bulk canvas orders!

How To Create Custom Canvas Prints – Just Watch This Video!

Learn How To Create Your Custom Canvas Prints in Seconds

We just released our “how-to” on creating custom canvas prints and designing your own canvas print. Take a quick look and learn how to print your photos, text, images, and designs on canvas using our canvas customization software. Its a super fast tutorial on custom canvas prints. When you’re done click “Create” up above to get started!

Our Custom Canvas How-To Video!

Your Photos on Canvas – Create Canvas Prints Online

Put Any of Your Photos on Canvas!

Design Your Own Custom Canvas Print Size and Start!

You might be able to tell from our name but printing on canvas is our thing. We use the latest tech to bring you the simplest way to design your photo or pictures in to one of our beautiful canvas prints.

We Can Print Anything and Everything On Canvas

wholesale canvas printing

We’ve got you covered! We’ve got all the most popular sizes of wall art and printed art. After printing directly on the canvas we stretch it using a gallery style wrap. This gives that perfect look to help all your photos and pictures pop. Everything from Instagram selfie squares to graceful gallery wraps to wonderful wedding photos or any art you can think of to print is possible. Don’t over think it! Once you’ve save your print you’re able to reload it and make those last second tweaks to get the right text or design the photo layout before submitting. You can even load your design on any other one of our canvas print sizes with one click!

Quality Photo Prints

All of our work is done is the US, printed and shipped from the US. We pride ourselves on our great prints and we’re always finding new and improved ways to make your pictures and photos looks great. We’ve been trusted by many customers to make sure their photo memories and gifts are as priceless as the photos used to print them. It’s easy and free to make a canvas print, so try it out and design your own with our site. Thanks for visiting! Design Your Own Canvas Print »

Exploring New Fonts Available for Your Custom Canvas

Here at MakeCanvasPrints.com, we’re always reviewing your designs and thinking of what we can do to help you create new and awesome designs. There are two particularly popular types of custom canvas prints. The first involves a personal photo – whether it’s an engagement or wedding photo, a family photo, or photos of family kids. Written on the photo is usually a date (typically an anniversary) or a quote or favorite phrase. The second most popular canvas made is typically a quote or poem written on top of one of our backgrounds or a photo.

That being said, we wanted to highlight the new and improved font selection to give our customers even more options to make their canvas just that much different. We have fonts that range from script, to bubble letters, to cats in the shapes of letters. Each font can give your custom canvas print a new look and feel and really set the tone of the image. A poem written in a script font compared to a bubble letter font makes a huge difference.

Sample fonts:

We encourage you to play around with the new fonts and try out something different! Choose your size and start designing here.

How to Design a Canvas Print

So , you know you want a canvas print but not sure what to put on it?  This article will help guide you into making the perfect canvas print for that big empty space in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want!

Decide where to hang your canvas

Decide where you want to hang the print.  Depending on where you hang it can determine which photo you would like to put on it.  If you want to hang a canvas in a nursery, a picture of the baby would fit.  If you are looking for a photo for your office, a scenic picture with an inspirational quote would work.  If you want to add some character to your bedroom, a fun picture with friends would fit right in.

Choose your photo

Canvas prints are a great way to showcase a photo with good memories.  If you’ve had a recent vacation, choosing a photo from the trip is a cool and different way to remind yourself of your time spent traveling.  If you celebrated a special occasion with your friends, putting the photo on canvas is the perfect way to save that memory.  Other ideas for photos are your pet(s), significant other, family portraits, sunsets and other scenery, or favorite quotes.

Choose your size

The great part about a canvas print is that you can fill a large space with a big print without the expensive costs for framing.  Your print will look professional at a fraction of the cost of a printed and framed photo of the same size.

Text on Backgrounds

If you want to print a favorite or inspirational quote, you can choose from over 50 new fonts under step 2 to print your quote in.  If you don’t have a photo and you want a cool background, go to step 3 “Backgrounds” and select “Choose Background Image”.  From this menu you will find a list of backgrounds including patterns, scenery, flowers, and more.

That’s it!  Those are the basic steps to create a perfect canvas print!  Click here to get yours started!