Decorating your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home so it’s essential to create the perfect resting space. The goal of decorating a bedroom, is making it the place to unwind in. There is no better feeling than when you’re actually excited for bedtime. Of course, a comfortable bed is one great place to start. But what about the decor? No matter how small or large your room is, here are a few style tips to help you create the bedroom of your dreams:

Large Floor Artwork

One stylish and artistic idea to create a more bohemian vibe, is leaning larger artwork on the floor. Choose a vintage photo that matches your other accents in the room like the photo below. Leaning, as opposed to hanging, can create a cozy effect that is truly unique.

Large floor Art

Pick a Decorative Design

Vintage drawings, patterned pillows, textured blankets can all add a chic touch to your bedroom. Start with hanging a cool photo over your bed and the rest will be history! Match colors from the painting to your bedding to create the perfect vibe.

decorate designs

Get Eclectic

Don’t be afraid to layer textures and styles and combine themes. You can create a Rustic AND elegant room by having a distressed wooden bed frame topped with velvet or furry pillows! The two worlds will collide perfectly, creating the room of your dreams.

elegant rustic

Create your bedroom Artwork Now!

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Creative Family Photos

We all know how cheesy family photos can be. We cringe at the internet mocking families who have matching flannel shirts in front of a fire, or families that pose like back up dancers with their arms crossed. You can’t help but think “I am so glad that isn’t my family going viral.” Okay, so how do you create a family photo that is creative, yet tasteful? There are many ways to capture a unique family photo you can use for Christmas cards, new years updates or even just portraits for the house. Here are some ideas on how to capture a tasteful, creative family photo:

Candid Family Photos

The most natural way to capture a family is the candid way. Have your kids play in a beautiful setting and allow your photographer to snap away. Organic photos of your kids actually laughing are the best kinds of photos! SIt down with your partner and let your children climb on your back, make a pig pile! Have fun so the photographer and capture the natural happy emotions from your family.


Use Fun Props

Props can be a fun way to portray hobbies and the lifestyle of your family. Let your kids play with or hold on to their favorite toy. If your family like to golf, take some pictures on the golf course, or if you kayak, pose on a kayak on a river. Using props is an easy way to get your family to pose naturally and in their element.


Up Close and Blown Up

Get up close in personal and blow your photo up! This is a technique that is really trending. Select a photo of everyone in your family smiling big and blow it up focusing only on the faces. These make for great framed photos for your house and the blown up approach is always very tasteful. You can also print cropped blown up photos separately and frame them side by side on your wall. healthy-family-1b

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The Art of Hanging Wall Art

There are many theories and strategies when it comes to hanging wall art in your home. Many people feel intimidated when deciding the perfect placement or spacing of their art. It’s not as hard as it seems! There are a few simple rules to keep in mind that involve height, grouping and sizing. These tips will help you make the best of hanging your wall art.

Hang your Wall Art at the right Height

Make sure your art is at the right height. You never want to hang photos too high or to low. A rule of thumb is to make sure the center of the photo is at eye level. If you are hanging a group of photos, the center of the grouping should be at eye level.

th (2)

Group Wall Art Together

Grouping your wall art has become an art in itself! It’s easier than it looks. Think of your photos as a unit. Place them together with either all different frames with black and white photos or all the same frames with colorful photos. You can get creative with placing them horizontal or vertical, but make sure they are all the same distance apart.


Plan Where your Art should go

When hanging your wall art on small narrow walls, choose smaller pieces or group smaller photos together. On larger, high walls, make sure your hanging larges pieces. There are also a few rules to think about when placing art above furniture. Never have your hanging art be longer than the furniture in front of it. Too many large pieces will over power the wall. IT is really helpful to plan before hanging your art. You should hanging craft paper first, to get an idea of how your art will look together. Kraft-paper-gallery-wall-planning

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New Art Backgrounds: Make Your Own Van Gogh, Monet or Degas!

Have you ever wanted to have your own art piece featuring the work Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Edward Degas? How cool would it be to have famous prints through out your house, without breaking the bank? Well wish no more, we added over 40 new fine art backgrounds to our background library which include select pieces by many famous artists.

Easy to Design Fine Art Canvas

Step 1: Select Canvas Size

Get Started 2-Popular Sizes 2-Other Sizes

Step 2: Select Background

3 Design_Select background

Fine Art Backgrounds

3 Design_Navigate to FineArt background 3 Design_Select Fine Art Background to Use

Step 3: Add Pictures or Graphics

4 Design_Add Graphic or Photo

Step 4: Add Text

5 Design_Add Text

Step 5: Save Design

Save Design

Step 6: Check Out

Check Out

Await Your Custom Work of Fine Art

These historic pieces will look great in any room of your house! You can even add texts, or edit the photos; A black and white Van Gogh for a modern touch! Your custom canvas print will be processed and shipped to you within 7-11 days or sooner! We can’t wait for you to enjoy your new work of art! Design a Custom Canvas Now

Group Photo Tips

Family photos make great custom canvases! Not only do they add depth and texture to the wall you place it on, but it’s a piece that will last a lifetime is already gallery wrapped with a glossy finish. There are many techniques on getting group shots. Some can be posed and and some can be candid. Either way, capturing a group photo can be fun and creative! Watch this Youtube video to learn from professional photographer how to take studio quality family or group photos. He will give you tips on what to wear, how to position everyone in the group and more!

Interior Home Decorating with Wall Art


In this video, you can learn some great tips on interior home design and how to hang your custom canvases strategically to tie the room together. This video gives some great tips on how high to hang art, where to hang different sized pieces as well as different types of layouts you can try such as symmetrical or “salon style”. The video ends with a very practical interior home tip for nailing holes into the wall that wont mess up the paint!

How to Hang Artwork in a Triptych

A Triptych canvas piece is a great way to make a unique statement piece of art by putting together a collection of art to create one piece. In this video by Bill Powers, owner of Half Gallery in New York he shows you how to properly measure out your pieces to hang them in proper Triptych format. Whether you are hanging a family reunion photo, or a senic drone shot from your recent trip to Thailand, this video will help guide you to hang your custom triptych canvas like a pro.

Click and scroll down to design a triptych canvas!

How to Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

Hey iPhone users! Jana Williams shows us a few of her super easy to learn tips on how to take better photos with your iPhone! Since you can easily upload a photo directly from your phone to print on a custom canvas, mastering the art of iPhone photography is essential and worth while! Jana’s tips include using your grid, incorporating different layers and textures, and more.

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Pets for A Custom Pet Canvas

There is something about the texture of a canvas that just brings pet and animal photos to life! They are a great way to showcase your furry loved one(s) and hang them up on the wall with the rest of the family! Professional photographer, Mark Fonville has been photographing pets for years gives us some tips on how to take awesome pet photos! He says the key is to get on your pets level so you can capture them up close, whether that means laying on the ground or bringing them up on a ledge or piece of furniture. Watch this video for more of his tips on how to take pet photos like a pro!

Decorating for the Holidays with Custom Canvases

Everyone loves the holidays  because they are filled with family, joy, generosity, good company and good food. Whatever your traditions are, we all have those special memories and traditions that have made our holidays magical throughout the years. As the years go by and family dynamics change and grow, we look back on past holiday’s which remain some of our fondest lifelong memories. This is why custom canvases are great for personalizing your household’s holiday decorations! With October kicking off the start of the holiday season with Halloween, we can tell you how you can incorporate a custom canvas into your holiday decor! Who really wants to walk into their home to a six foot tall witch that will let out a cackle at every passerby? Blowing up photos from past Halloweens, photos of pumpkins you hand carved, or a creepy haunted house you went to as a tradition adds a personal touch to your decorations without turning your home into what looks like a holiday themed antique shop or garage sale. hand turkeyDuring Thanksgiving time, remember those finger paint “hand turkeys” and all the fun thanksgiving art your little sister made? Now you can preserve these precious pieces on custom canvases simply by taking a photo of the art or scanning it, then uploading the image onto a canvas!

Much like how Mom still hangs up the Christmas ornaments you made in grade school (even if they are falling apart), we think that the photos you took at the mall while sitting on Santa’s lap when you were five can add a really fun personal touch to your home,  instead of sitting in a photo album all year long.  A custom canvas is also a great way to decorate your home for the holidays without completely ruining the decor or theme of your household.

Custom canvases are an amazing way to bring family memories, old and new to life and remind everyone of  these good times throughout the season!