Best Holiday Gift: Famous Artist Prints

The holidays are just around the corner and we just added pre-made prints ready to order by your favorite artist. Prints like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Pablo Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist” and MUCH more. Imagine giving the gift of famous art without paying the outrageous prices that go with it! All you have to do is select what size canvas you want, and which famous art piece you’d like. Each piece is printed on a custom canvas where the artwork is wrapped around the sides of the frame. Having famous art prints in your own home is an amazing concept as it is, but imagine taking a step further and personalizing a famous print! You can add text, patterns and images to any of our pre-made found artist prints. If you want to add funny mustaches, your last name, or maybe a trendy branded pattern over the prints, you can! The opportunities and ways to be creative are endless using our customizer.

Easy to Design Fine Art Canvas

Step 1: Select Canvas Size

Get Started 2-Popular Sizes 2-Other Sizes

Step 2: Select Background

3 Design_Select background

Fine Art Backgrounds

3 Design_Navigate to FineArt background 3 Design_Select Fine Art Background to Use

Step 3: Add Pictures or Graphics

4 Design_Add Graphic or Photo

Step 4: Add Text

5 Design_Add Text

Step 5: Save Design

Save Design

Step 6: Check Out

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Famous Art Canvas Prints in Minutes

These famous art prints will look great in any room! Imagine a couple small pieces mounted next to each other in a study or office or perhaps one large print above your dining room table of living room couch. You really can’t go wrong with historic art pieces especially when you can give them a modern touch with a black and white filter or adding custom touches to them! Your custom canvas print will be processed and shipped to you within 7-11 days or sooner! We can’t wait for you to enjoy your new work of art! Check out our collection of Famous Art Design a Custom Canvas Now

Mother’s Day Canvas Prints

What do Mothers want for Mother’s Day? Photos of their family of course! Mother’s love showcasing their best creations in life. What a better way than giving the gift of canvas prints? :

Candid Family Photos

The most natural way to capture a family is the candid way. Have your kids play in a beautiful setting and allow your photographer to snap away. Organic photos of your kids actually laughing are the best kinds of photos! SIt down with your partner and let your children climb on your back, make a pig pile! Have fun so the photographer and capture the natural happy emotions from your family.


Use Fun Props

Props can be a fun way to portray hobbies and the lifestyle of your family. Let your kids play with or hold on to their favorite toy. If your family like to golf, take some pictures on the golf course, or if you kayak, pose on a kayak on a river. Using props is an easy way to get your family to pose naturally and in their element.


Up Close and Blown Up

Get up close in personal and blow your photo up! This is a technique that is really trending. Select a photo of everyone in your family smiling big and blow it up focusing only on the faces. These make for great framed photos for your house and the blown up approach is always very tasteful. healthy-family-1b

Upload Your Family Photos On Canvas Now!

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Graduation Canvas Prints

Graduation is just around the corner! Get ahead of the game with planning your own, or your graduates photos! There are some pretty special ways to mount and frame the professional photos, but making a blown up canvas or wood print is truly something unique. When printing on our Canvas or Wood, you can also add that personalized touch by inserting text or the date, which make the perfect gifts for parents or graduates. Here are some different idea on how you can print your graduation photos to use as the perfect keep sake.

Graduation Collage

You don’t have to pick just one! Choose a few photos! Mix and match you senior portrait, with a class photo and then a solo at graduation. Blending your proudest memories of the school year in to one blown up picture is the perfect way to remember your year. Once the photos are arranged, you can add a name and year in the corner. This graduation masterpiece will be in the family for years to come.


Graduation Photo Word Art

Another idea for presenting your proudest moments, is through word art. Once you upload your graduation photo, you can create an inspirational word collage. Use words and phrases like “success” or “good luck” and “congratulations” surrounding your photo. You can also input your name and class date and even where you may be attending following graduation. These designs look awesome on wood plaques and canvas prints.


Up Close and Blown Up Graduation Photo

Get up close in personal and blow your photo up! Get your photographer to capture the most exciting moments of your graduation ceremony. This graduation photo idea looks great on the wall and I’m sure your parents or loved ones would LOVE this idea. If you want, at your graduation party or after the ceremony you can have people sign around the edges of the print or write messages. Canvas material is ink friendly! CW_graduation_LP_Hero

Create Your Own Graduation Photos Now!

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Sentimental Celebration of Life Ideas

Planning a celebration of life ceremony can be stressful. Our hope is to inspire you to create a memorable service to cherish and commemorate that special person that your loved one was. Here are a few sentimental celebration of life ideas to help celebrate the life of your loved one:

Celebrate their Life by Hanging your Loved One’s Favorite Quote, Lyrics or Poem

Remembering your loved one by hanging one of their favorite songs, poem or quote, is a great way to commemorate that person. Every time you look up at the quote hanging in your home, it will being a smile to your face and make a lasting impression. You can choose a beautiful background photo to place your text on or just have a simple color in the background. You can also choose a nice font to make your quote unforgettable.

Celebrate their Life by Creating a Collage

Use photographs that represent their life the most. If your loved one enjoyed sports or outdoor adventures, chose the photos of their favorite mountain, or of them catching their first fish. You can use photos of him or her as well as places and significant things they liked. Mix in some quotes and sayings that remind you of him or her. This sentimental gift idea will be a great representation of the great times your loved on had.

Celebrate their Life by Creating a Wood Plaque

Create your own plaque with your loved one’s name and birthday on it. Printing on wood looks extra special and will last a very long time. You can create a mini ornament to hang near windows or on a tree, or make a larger plaque for your desk or living room. You can also upload photos to wood. This idea is truly unique and will bring you great joy.

Here are some tips on planning as well as other gift ideas: How to Plan a Celebration of Life [Infographic]Graphic Source:

New Art Backgrounds: Make Your Own Van Gogh, Monet or Degas!

Have you ever wanted to have your own art piece featuring the work Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Edward Degas? How cool would it be to have famous prints through out your house, without breaking the bank? Well wish no more, we added over 40 new fine art backgrounds to our background library which include select pieces by many famous artists.

Easy to Design Fine Art Canvas

Step 1: Select Canvas Size

Get Started 2-Popular Sizes 2-Other Sizes

Step 2: Select Background

3 Design_Select background

Fine Art Backgrounds

3 Design_Navigate to FineArt background 3 Design_Select Fine Art Background to Use

Step 3: Add Pictures or Graphics

4 Design_Add Graphic or Photo

Step 4: Add Text

5 Design_Add Text

Step 5: Save Design

Save Design

Step 6: Check Out

Check Out

Await Your Custom Work of Fine Art

These historic pieces will look great in any room of your house! You can even add texts, or edit the photos; A black and white Van Gogh for a modern touch! Your custom canvas print will be processed and shipped to you within 7-11 days or sooner! We can’t wait for you to enjoy your new work of art! Design a Custom Canvas Now

Custom Sports Canvas Gifts

Custom Sports Canvas Prints and Decor

There is no denying that sports is a big part of many peoples’ lives; from playing sports to watching and supporting it, sports offers something for everyone.

Custom Baseball Canvas

custom baseball canvas

Do you have a little league member in your life? Imagine the joy it will bring them to see their little league photo on canvas hanging in your home.

Custom Football Canvas

Custom Football Canvas

Put your favorite football photo on canvas: team photos, game photos, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Basketball Canvas

Custom Basketball Sports Canvas

Did your son or daughter score the winning point in a big game? Celebrate their win with a custom sports canvas. Put your favorite basketball photo on canvas, add text, and graphics for a more personalized touch.


Family Custom Canvas Holiday Gift Guide

Family Themed Canvases

The Holidays is a time for family and friends. Show your loved ones you care with a custom and personalized canvas print. Our easy to use online canvas customizer allows you to create your own work of art in minutes! Add backgrounds, photos, text, effects, and more!

Custom Family Photo Canvas

Custom Family Photo Canvas Collage

Customize your favorite family photo and gift it to your loved ones for a memorable and personalized holiday gift. Have a lot of family photos to choose from? Make a collage canvas or a collage of canvases that you can arrange however you like, you are the designer! For more ideas on custom family photos on canvas, read HERE.

Family Motto Canvas

Custom Family Motto Canvas

Does your family have a funny saying or motto? Put those family sayings and family mottos on your custom canvas print and display it prominently in your home. Give others a glimpse into what your family is about with a custom canvas holiday gift. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Baby Photos on Canvas

Custom Pink Baby Photo Canvas

Did your family or friends welcome a baby this year? Put that adorable baby on a custom canvas print, add text for an even more personalized touch. For more ideas on family motto and household rules on canvas, read HERE

Custom Pet Photos on Canvas

Custom Pet Canvas Print

Pets or “Fur babies” are apart of the family too so don’t leave them out of your custom canvas print. Make sure you get a great picture of your pet, for pet photo tips check our post HERE.

Design and Order early

to make sure your personalized and custom canvas gifts

arrive in time for the holidays!


Canvas With Quotes

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Quote?

Everybody has a favorite quote whether it’s one they were told as a child, read in a favorite book, or heard in a movie. Regardless of how one’s favorite quote came to be, what they all have in common is that they stuck with us and struck a cord with us that made us feel a certain way. There is a quote out there that can resonate with us for any mood we are feeling. A beautiful custom canvas with quotes is the perfect way to bring that quote to life. quotecanvas

Creating the Ambiance

When you walk into a room, the first thing we notice is the ambiance. When we have a space of our own that we want to decorate whether it’s a bedroom, room in a house, or office space our goal is to design it to whatever ambiance, vibe, style or look we are trying to achieve. A Canvas with quotes is a great way to send a message and let who ever is in the room feel that message when they read it. The best thing about a quote canvas is that it’s simple enough to go anywhere in your home! With the ability to customize your background and text, you can go with a classic look that can go in any room or pick out the colors when you are designing to match your room.

Endless Possibilities

A canvas with quotes can be funny, happy, sad, sentimental inspirational or anything you want! A canvas with quotes is also a great way to create a memorabilia piece. You can quote all the hilarious things your family said on a family vacation, a crazy girls/guy trip, a sports season, or to remember a special person. A great use for a canvas with quotes out of the home for example are in schools or offices. Remember those posters from the 90’s your teachers had? Now, you can recreate the same ones but on a beautiful custom canvas that matches the colors of your room, won’t rip or wear and makes people want to actually read them! A custom canvas with quotes is the perfect way to add some fun to any room.

Click here for some inspo!

How to Hang Artwork in a Triptych

A Triptych canvas piece is a great way to make a unique statement piece of art by putting together a collection of art to create one piece. In this video by Bill Powers, owner of Half Gallery in New York he shows you how to properly measure out your pieces to hang them in proper Triptych format. Whether you are hanging a family reunion photo, or a senic drone shot from your recent trip to Thailand, this video will help guide you to hang your custom triptych canvas like a pro.

Click and scroll down to design a triptych canvas!

Custom Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While you have most likely already noticed your local drug stores and super markets suddenly exploding with teddy bears, flowers, and fancily wrapped chocolates you may be reminded that you haven’t found the perfect gift for your special someone yet. Or you have thought about it, but don’t know what to get them.

Don’t look any further! This year you can skip the overcrowded and expensive restaurant reservations, flowers that will die, and chocolates that will end up getting eaten by your boyfriend or girlfriend’s roommate and make them a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime! You can honestly never go wrong with a handmade gift, but if you aren’t blessed with an artistic hand, let us do the work for you! You can upload your own photo, type your own text- in an array of fonts and colors, or upload your own digital art to create a perfect and personal gift for your Valentine. The possibilities are endless! You can create a photo collage, write love poem, type your favorite song lyrics, blow up that favorite photo you have together, or create something totally new with our backgrounds, images and patterns! If you really need some help you can always search our “browse” section for some inspirationitrustyoucanvas

Yes, Valentine’s day has a reputation for being an over-rated and pointless holiday to some- (even those who aren’t single!), but when you create a one of a kind custom canvas made specifically for your Valentine and you don’t have to break the bank or buy something you can find a million copies of across town it isn’t pointless or overrated by any means! In the society we live in where the real meaning of many Holidays are demoted to promote material items and spending money, Valentine’s day is one of the most intimate and personal, so why WOULDN’T your gift reflect this?

Click here to start designing!