Graduation is just around the corner! Get ahead of the game with planning your own, or your graduates photos! There are some pretty special ways to mount and frame the professional photos, but making a blown up canvas or wood print is truly something unique. When printing on our Canvas or Wood, you can also add that personalized touch by inserting text or the date, which make the perfect gifts for parents or graduates. Here are some different idea on how you can print your graduation photos to use as the perfect keep sake.

Graduation Collage

You don’t have to pick just one! Choose a few photos! Mix and match you senior portrait, with a class photo and then a solo at graduation. Blending your proudest memories of the school year in to one blown up picture is the perfect way to remember your year. Once the photos are arranged, you can add a name and year in the corner. This graduation masterpiece will be in the family for years to come.


Graduation Photo Word Art

Another idea for presenting your proudest moments, is through word art. Once you upload your graduation photo, you can create an inspirational word collage. Use words and phrases like “success” or “good luck” and “congratulations” surrounding your photo. You can also input your name and class date and even where you may be attending following graduation. These designs look awesome on wood plaques and canvas prints.


Up Close and Blown Up Graduation Photo

Get up close in personal and blow your photo up! Get your photographer to capture the most exciting moments of your graduation ceremony. This graduation photo idea looks great on the wall and I’m sure your parents or loved ones would LOVE this idea. If you want, at your graduation party or after the ceremony you can have people sign around the edges of the print or write messages. Canvas material is ink friendly!

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