Size Finder

Find which sizes work best for your photo or image.

How to Check the Size of Your Photo

Use this page to check the size of your image and automatically find canvas sizes that would match well.

1. Load Your Image:
Click “Choose File” and browse for your image, or drag and drop it into the box with the dashed outline. This will not upload your photo, it will only load it directly into this page for measuring purposes.

2. Start a Design at a Recommended Size:
Click the green button on any of the recommended sizes to begin your design.

Measure Your Image

What to Do with Small (Low Res) Images

If you have a low-res (small size) image that isn’t big enough for a whole canvas front, you can still shrink it down smaller, put text next to it, put it in a collage, or add some background images or colors from our libraries. In general, keep the image itself smaller within the design so that it prints with better quality. This way, you won’t need to worry about the resolution as much. Shrinking it down in a layout it will improve the quality.

Full-Front Photo Canvas

This size finder assumes you want to stretch the image across the entire front of the canvas, covering it edge to edge. when it suggests sizes. But, that isn’t the only way to layout a canvas. Pick ANY SIZE you want for your layout from our canvas print size guide, and fit your picture sized-down anywhere you like!

Design Now

Will It Look Good?

This is the main reason to choose a resolution and aspect ratio that works well with your image. Generally speaking, our printers, canvas, and inks do a PHENOMENAL job of up-sampling your image to smooth it out, reduce pixelaion, and produce prints that look really good even with low resolution. Your images will look the best they can with our printing, whether it`s HD, Great, Good, or OK resolution ratings. Very Low is not recommended for anything except far viewing distances.

View Other / All Sizes

If you don`t see a size you like that matches your photo – don`t worry! You can always get creative with the image in another format, either sizing it up to be cropped by the size of the canvas, or set sized-down within the image next to some text, or as a part of a collage!

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