Group Photo Tips

Family photos make great custom canvases! Not only do they add depth and texture to the wall you place it on, but it’s a piece that will last a lifetime is already gallery wrapped with a glossy finish. There are many techniques on getting group shots. Some can be posed and and some can be candid. Either way, capturing a group photo can be fun and creative! Watch this Youtube video to learn from professional photographer how to take studio quality family or group photos. He will give you tips on what to wear, how to position everyone in the group and more!

How to Hang Artwork in a Triptych

A Triptych canvas piece is a great way to make a unique statement piece of art by putting together a collection of art to create one piece. In this video by Bill Powers, owner of Half Gallery in New York he shows you how to properly measure out your pieces to hang them in proper Triptych format. Whether you are hanging a family reunion photo, or a senic drone shot from your recent trip to Thailand, this video will help guide you to hang your custom triptych canvas like a pro.

Click and scroll down to design a triptych canvas!

Wedding Gifts for Bachelorettes and Bridesmaids Parties

As bridesmaids flock together for the Bachelorette party, the festivities begin with eating, drinking, and gift giving. During these lively events, there may be joyful tears, and there may be melodramatic tears. Either way, it is a special time of gathering and exchanging wedding gifts as a way of expressing the bonds we share.

wedding gift  bridesmaids gift bachelorette gifts

Wedding Gifts and Care Packages

To take on a bachelorette wedding party, it definitely helps to have a care package. Inside you can find your arsenal of chocolate, chapstick, mascara, water bottles, and scented lotions. If you want to add a personal touch, you could always add a small custom canvas into the batch of goodies. We have small 8×10 custom canvases that would be the perfect size for a cute wedding gift. You can add fun pictures of you and your girlfriends for an extra touch of care and love.

Custom Canvas Ideas

You can personalize a mini custom canvas with pictures and text. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the personal pictures of the good times shared in the past. You can also add fun and inspiring quotes to the custom canvas by using our multi-line text tool. There is also a collection of colorful background images that you can use to create a unique canvas.

Goodies for Your Bridesmaids

cute nail polish color
mono gram tote bag
silky bath kimono
clutches to match their dress
tide pen
a bar of delicious chocolate
mini custom canvas!

Best Wishes for your Big Day!

Design A Mini Custom Canvas

Personalize Your Baby Photos on Canvas

When a new born baby arrives in the home, you can expect a lot of things to change. I hear that you get less sleep and life starts revolving around your new little roommate. It may be a roller coaster that takes you for a quick ride, so remember to cherish each moment. My father knew this and when my sister and I were born, his video camera and photo camera became extensions of his arms. In my parent’s house, you can find a collection of VHS tapes that are filled with baby footage along with a thick album collection of baby photos. Film photos and videos were the classic ways to document the memories of babyhood in the 80s. Now you can create modern custom canvas prints as a new creative way to express your baby photos!

baby photos custom canvas

Inspiration for Baby Photos

I stumbled across some baby photos that really stand out. Sioin Queenie Liao is a freelance artist that is inspired by taking photographs of her baby boys. She creates home made props to put together scenes and uses her baby photos to illustrate a dreamy fairy tale. She uses regular household items such as toys and plain clothes to create these scenes. Her expression of love is really inspiring and I really recommend checking out her website at the following link:

So this is to all the mothers out there

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely lovely.” -Kim Storozhuk

Create a photo canvas to show Love and Thanks to all the special Moms!

Design Canvas Baby Photos

Custom Canvas Vows

With custom canvas vows, you can remind your significant other of the love that you two share. The moment the vows are exchanged are a special time when you two expressed your love for one another. With a custom canvas wrap, you can capture this moment as beautiful wall art to add to a loving home.

Custom Canvas Vows

Single Panel Canvas Vows

The single panel canvas vows make a great gift that would look lovely if hung along the wall of a staircase or placed on a mantel in the living room. This type of design looks like a love letter that captures memories from the wedding day. This look is very romantic and has a feeling of a personal heart felt gift. With our user friendly multi-line text tool. you can create lettering that wraps around the focus of the image. Our user friendly design application allows you to add images and text to your canvas version of a love letter.

custom canvas vows

Multiple Panel Canvas Vows

The multiple panel canvas vow style is more decorative and can create a stunning accent wall piece for the bedroom. The arrangement of the canvases can be used to create a his and hers decorative look. With all canvases being the same size, the look creates balance on the accent wall. One canvas contains the Mr.’s vows, while the the other canvas contains the Mrs.’s vows. The middle canvas can be an image taken from the wedding to tie all the panels together.

Visit our website and customize your vows!

Design a Custom Canvas Now

How To Create Custom Canvas Prints – Just Watch This Video!

Learn How To Create Your Custom Canvas Prints in Seconds

We just released our “how-to” on creating custom canvas prints and designing your own canvas print. Take a quick look and learn how to print your photos, text, images, and designs on canvas using our canvas customization software. Its a super fast tutorial on custom canvas prints. When you’re done click “Create” up above to get started!

Our Custom Canvas How-To Video!

How to Make a Canvas Print

How to make a canvas print choose a size

Have you Ever Wanted to be an Artist?

Now’s the time! Canvas prints are becoming more and more popular, especially because there is no need for a costly frame and mount. Here at, you can be the artist and designer of your own custom print. “But I don’t know how to make a canvas print”, you say. With our simple and easy process, you’ll learn how to make canvas prints in no time at all. In fact, it only takes minutes to create your one of a kind custom canvas and have a beautiful piece of artwork to proudly display in your home or give as a personal gift! The possibilities are truly endless.

Choose a Canvas to Create

The first step on how to make a canvas print is to pick the size of your print. Where will you be hanging your print? Do you want that gorgeous seascape from your summer vacation to stare at on your living room wall during those cold winter months? Better make it a Landscape 30 X 24. Do you want your children’s smiling faces or your cute and cuddly pet on your office wall to get you through the day? Grab some 8 X 10 Portraits. Either way, there are many different Landscape, Portrait, and Square print sizes to fit every need and wall space. Once you choose your canvas size, you’ll move on to the next step on how to make a canvas print!

The Fun Part

how to make a canvas print - design

The next step on how to make a canvas print is the best one! Here, you will decide exactly what you want to display on your custom canvas. Did you travel somewhere awesome lately and take some amazing pictures? Simply save your image to your computer and download it on to the canvas. Leave it as it is or add some text to decorate. Do you have a favorite inspirational or spiritual quote you want to hang in your bedroom to motivate you on those Monday mornings where you’re feeling down and not so awake? With over 50 distinctive fonts to choose from, you have plenty of options. Keep a blank or colored background and let the quote speak for itself or choose from one of our menu backgrounds like patterns, flowers, and scenic images. Are you keeping this canvas for yourself or giving it as a gift? Canvas prints also make for a touching and special gift! Going to a wedding and need the perfect present? Now that you know how to make a canvas print, surprise the bride and groom with a personalized print that will surely be the perfect décor for their new home!

You’re Finished!

Wasn’t that easy? Once you design your print, it will be saved to your profile. You can share it with friends online or by email. Your design will be added to your shopping cart and you’ll be ready to purchase!

How to Design a Canvas Print

So , you know you want a canvas print but not sure what to put on it?  This article will help guide you into making the perfect canvas print for that big empty space in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want!

Decide where to hang your canvas

Decide where you want to hang the print.  Depending on where you hang it can determine which photo you would like to put on it.  If you want to hang a canvas in a nursery, a picture of the baby would fit.  If you are looking for a photo for your office, a scenic picture with an inspirational quote would work.  If you want to add some character to your bedroom, a fun picture with friends would fit right in.

Choose your photo

Canvas prints are a great way to showcase a photo with good memories.  If you’ve had a recent vacation, choosing a photo from the trip is a cool and different way to remind yourself of your time spent traveling.  If you celebrated a special occasion with your friends, putting the photo on canvas is the perfect way to save that memory.  Other ideas for photos are your pet(s), significant other, family portraits, sunsets and other scenery, or favorite quotes.

Choose your size

The great part about a canvas print is that you can fill a large space with a big print without the expensive costs for framing.  Your print will look professional at a fraction of the cost of a printed and framed photo of the same size.

Text on Backgrounds

If you want to print a favorite or inspirational quote, you can choose from over 50 new fonts under step 2 to print your quote in.  If you don’t have a photo and you want a cool background, go to step 3 “Backgrounds” and select “Choose Background Image”.  From this menu you will find a list of backgrounds including patterns, scenery, flowers, and more.

That’s it!  Those are the basic steps to create a perfect canvas print!  Click here to get yours started!