With custom canvas vows, you can remind your significant other of the love that you two share. The moment the vows are exchanged are a special time when you two expressed your love for one another. With a custom canvas wrap, you can capture this moment as beautiful wall art to add to a loving home.

Custom Canvas Vows

Single Panel Canvas Vows

The single panel canvas vows make a great gift that would look lovely if hung along the wall of a staircase or placed on a mantel in the living room. This type of design looks like a love letter that captures memories from the wedding day. This look is very romantic and has a feeling of a personal heart felt gift. With our user friendly multi-line text tool. you can create lettering that wraps around the focus of the image. Our user friendly design application allows you to add images and text to your canvas version of a love letter.

custom canvas vows

Multiple Panel Canvas Vows

The multiple panel canvas vow style is more decorative and can create a stunning accent wall piece for the bedroom. The arrangement of the canvases can be used to create a his and hers decorative look. With all canvases being the same size, the look creates balance on the accent wall. One canvas contains the Mr.’s vows, while the the other canvas contains the Mrs.’s vows. The middle canvas can be an image taken from the wedding to tie all the panels together.

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