So , you know you want a canvas print but not sure what to put on it?  This article will help guide you into making the perfect canvas print for that big empty space in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want!

Decide where to hang your canvas

Decide where you want to hang the print.  Depending on where you hang it can determine which photo you would like to put on it.  If you want to hang a canvas in a nursery, a picture of the baby would fit.  If you are looking for a photo for your office, a scenic picture with an inspirational quote would work.  If you want to add some character to your bedroom, a fun picture with friends would fit right in.

Choose your photo

Canvas prints are a great way to showcase a photo with good memories.  If you’ve had a recent vacation, choosing a photo from the trip is a cool and different way to remind yourself of your time spent traveling.  If you celebrated a special occasion with your friends, putting the photo on canvas is the perfect way to save that memory.  Other ideas for photos are your pet(s), significant other, family portraits, sunsets and other scenery, or favorite quotes.

Choose your size

The great part about a canvas print is that you can fill a large space with a big print without the expensive costs for framing.  Your print will look professional at a fraction of the cost of a printed and framed photo of the same size.

Text on Backgrounds

If you want to print a favorite or inspirational quote, you can choose from over 50 new fonts under step 2 to print your quote in.  If you don’t have a photo and you want a cool background, go to step 3 “Backgrounds” and select “Choose Background Image”.  From this menu you will find a list of backgrounds including patterns, scenery, flowers, and more.

That’s it!  Those are the basic steps to create a perfect canvas print!  Click here to get yours started!