Planning a celebration of life ceremony can be stressful. Our hope is to inspire you to create a memorable service to cherish and commemorate that special person that your loved one was. Here are a few sentimental celebration of life ideas to help celebrate the life of your loved one:

Celebrate their Life by Hanging your Loved One’s Favorite Quote, Lyrics or Poem

Remembering your loved one by hanging one of their favorite songs, poem or quote, is a great way to commemorate that person. Every time you look up at the quote hanging in your home, it will being a smile to your face and make a lasting impression. You can choose a beautiful background photo to place your text on or just have a simple color in the background. You can also choose a nice font to make your quote unforgettable.

Celebrate their Life by Creating a Collage

Use photographs that represent their life the most. If your loved one enjoyed sports or outdoor adventures, chose the photos of their favorite mountain, or of them catching their first fish. You can use photos of him or her as well as places and significant things they liked. Mix in some quotes and sayings that remind you of him or her. This sentimental gift idea will be a great representation of the great times your loved on had.

Celebrate their Life by Creating a Wood Plaque

Create your own plaque with your loved one’s name and birthday on it. Printing on wood looks extra special and will last a very long time. You can create a mini ornament to hang near windows or on a tree, or make a larger plaque for your desk or living room. You can also upload photos to wood. This idea is truly unique and will bring you great joy.

Here are some tips on planning as well as other gift ideas:

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