Calling all photographers! Well, these days with the insane cameras on smart phones, anyone can call themselves a photographer. We all live busy lives. We get up make breakfast, travel to work, clock in for the day, maybe we work out after, maybe we grab a drink with some friends…whatever your routine is, we want to see a snip-it of your day, everyday. There are no limits in creating your photo-of-the-day and the options are endless. Give us your best shot! :

Mood Photos

We all have our days. Sometimes we wake up motivated and ready to go, and other times we don’t. Maybe your photo of the day is all about your mood! Did you drop your Starbucks all over the seat of your car? Are you wearing the new bold and bright lipstick you were once hesitant to wear? Any of these moments could be your photo-of-the-day. !

View Photos

What do you look at everyday? Everyone has a unique point of view and creating something artistic out of it is truly something special. Whether you see something strange in the middle of the sidewalk, or there’s an insane amount of traffic or maybe a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe, this could be your photo-of-the-day. !


Living Things Photo

Is your dog being cute? Does your plant look healthy? Are you feelin’ yourself? Your photo could be a selfie if that’s the kind of day you’re having! Post whatever or whoever you feel!


Photos that Move

Photos when you’re on the go are not only realistic but they’re also artistic! Take a photo of a firetruck buzzing by, or a jogger speeding past you. Maybe your dog is fetching a ball or you’re driving by lights at night. Be creative with these photos. You’ll notice how fast the world really moves!

young fitness woman trail runner running  on city road

young fitness woman trail runner running on city road

Submit your photos

Submit your photos of the day by tagging @makecanvasprints on instagram. We can’t wait to see your photo-of-the-day! If you fall in love with your photos, print them on a canvas! Our easy-to-use technology allows you to upload any photo from your phone, on to any size canvas.

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