Bible verses on custom canvas prints are a great way to bless the home with God’s words. They make a great addition to the room decor and there are various styles you can create to match your style. They also make great gifts especially around the Christmas holidays. We have some examples and tips below to help get you started on creating your own bible verse custom canvas.

Bible Verses Canvas Art

Bible verse that have key words such as “love” are easy to stylize. You can emphasize the key word by making it larger, a different color, or font , from the rest of the text. Positioning of the word can also help create a unique look with the canvas design.

bible verses

Longer Bible Verses

Longer bible verses can be placed into different shapes when designing a creative canvas. The process may be a bit more tedious for these types of designs, but they really do come out nicely. With this look, you can use a solid color background with a solid font. Because there will be a lot of texts, you can keep everything else simple to create a balanced look.


Personal Photo Canvas

You can also customize a canvas with your own photographs. Photos taken at events such as a baptism, Easter lunch, or a family Christmas gathering make for great photo canvases. You can simply upload the photo and then overlay the Bible verse onto the photo using our text tool. These personal photo canvases make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Getting started

Now that you have some tips on how to get started, you can create your very own creative bible verse custom canvas. With our online customizer, you can create artwork with the Lord’s words.

We here at Make Canvas prints wish you a Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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