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Custom Canvas

Choose a featured custom canvas size above from the wall display by clicking directly on a canvas, or use the lists. If you would like a custom canvas size that isn’t listed here, please reach out via our support portal and let us know which size you want and we’ll get you set up right away.

XPress Canvas – A Fast & Low-Cost Option

Our new XPress Canvas line has a thinner frame (.75″), faster production, and cheaper prices. These are still great quality canvases with beautiful colors, just not quite as HD as our Premium Canvases. These are more similar to what other sites are selling these days, but our prices are better! Compare XPress to Premium Canvas Here

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

The sizes listed in each canvas print above represent the flat front of the canvas. We added some shading on the left and bottom edges to help represent an approximate wrap-amount around the sides. Our Premium Custom Canvases have a 1.25 inch wood frame that they are wrapped around, for an additional 2.5 inches added to the width, and also to the height. So, an 8×10 Premium Canvas, for example, will actually be a 11×13 piece of canvas wrapped around the 1.25″ frame, making the resulting face of the canvas 8×10 once wrapped. An 8×10 XPress Canvas would be slightly smaller for wrapping the thinner frame. The XPress Custom Canvases are thinner with a .75 inch frame thickness. This will be easy to see within the app for you while you’re designing as a red dashed line. If you leave the wrap around area blank, we will do our best to mirror your image to fill it on the sides too. If you use our background colors or images, it will be filled automatically.

View the Canvas Online

While you’re designing your canvas print, you will be able to see the edge areas clearly, using the “safe zone” red line as a guide. At any point during the design click “Preview” to see the cropped area where the sides will wrap around. To avoid your text wrapping around the edge or being cut off, make sure that your text is well within the red “Safe Zone” line, not too close to the edge as our canvases are hand-wrapped and may shift slightly.

Measure Your Photo & See Canvas Sizes That Fit

Measure your photo and get suggested sizes that will fit it the best. Our Canvas Size Finder will even group the sizes buy resolution quality, so that it’s easy to choose a size that both fits your image, but still allows your image to have good resolution.

Size Finder

Photos on Canvas

One of the most common designs is a photo canvas. If you’re planning on putting your photo on canvas, it’s best to choose a canvas size that is roughly the same aspect ratio as the photo you’re planning to use. So for example, if you’re using a horizontal or landscape photo (wide as opposed to tall), you’ll want to choose a landscape size so that it fits well. This way, when you upload your photo onto your custom canvas, it will fit pretty well by default right away.

Canvas with Text

Once your photo is added and positioned, you can do many things to personalize it. Text on canvas, where you add your own words with your own fonts and colors to the canvas, is a popular option. Adding a name, or a date, or anything that would enrich the memory or make the image more special to the recipient is a really nice way to make a canvas print even more special. Use the multi-line text box to add a paragraph, such as a poem, song lyric, or quote. We have unique text and monogram tools that make adding personalized text to your canvas easy and fun.

No Photo? No Problem.

If you don’t have a photo, you can still make an awesome one-of-a-kind canvas online in no time! Using the background colors, fades, images and patterns, you’re able to design a unique canvas print in no time, full of color and design. Once the stage is set, you can add custom text to your canvas print to really personalize it. Use the many fonts available to find a text style that fits the feel of your design.

All Canvas Sizes

Find the Best Sizes for Your Photo or Artwork Instantly

Use our Size-Finder to see the recommended sizes for your photo or graphic size and the quality (dpi) for each size!

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