A Custom bible verse canvas makes great gifts for friends and family, and you can easily design a personalize canvas with our online customizer. With our customizer, you can easily upload images and add bible verses with our multi-line text tool. Here are some some examples of modern and traditional designs to help get you started on some creative ideas! And if you would like one of these designs, feel free to contact our customer support team!

Modern Custom Bible Verse Canvas Ideas

For a more modern look, you can select an image that is bold in color and simple in design. For the verse, it is also helpful to select fonts that are bold and simple. A short bible verse works best for the modern look, because it makes it easier to create an eye popping design. It is also possible to create modern look with longer bible verses too. For long bible verses, I would suggest a background that is muted in colors and very simple. That way, the font will not be lost in background. You can find these types of background images in our customizer. Here are some design samples to get you started on your custom bible verse canvas!

custom bible verse canvas


custom bible verse canvas

Traditional Custom Bible Verse Canvas

Perhaps you are more into the traditional look when it comes to custom wall art. Here are some design tips for designing a custom bible verse canvas with that classic feel.

Custom Bible Verse Canvas


custom bible verse canvas

Floral backgrounds tend to be soft on the eyes and make for great backgrounds that have a universal appeal. Biblical pictures depicting scenery also work well. As for font, brush scripts and ones that have a slant also add to the traditional style of the bible scripture feel. For longer verses, it is best to pick a background were the main image is to one side and  empty space on the other side. This is where the verse can be placed. There are endless possibilities for designing your custom bible scripture canvas and hopefully these ideas will help get you started.

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