Custom Canvas Prints with Your Own Custom Text

Custom Canvas Prints Designs with Text

When designing a custom canvas print, our customizer tool makes each step easy for any user. Each step is easily followed from uploading photos, to adding custom text, to adding a background. Anyone will find these steps simple and quick to use. This makes for a smooth experience when designing your own canvas. With all of the design tools being a click away, the user will have the liberty to create what they envision. For longer text messages, this feature makes it easy to add multiple paragraphs on to the canvas. This tool is also useful for more simple custom text designs also.

Custom Text Tool

What sets us apart form other custom canvas sites is our text tool. We feature a multi-line text tool that allows the user to have more than one line of text when adding words to the canvas. This efficiency in design makes it easy for the user to add poems, vows, and lyrics to any custom canvas. This saves time for the customer since they do not have to manually add a new text line to create a custom text look.

Custom Text Designs

Custom text designs are a popular feature used in designs for wedding photos. Many users will use a wedding photo and add custom text of their wedding vows. Another nice design where custom text is used is for personal messages and song lyrics. Custom text are a way to convey a heartfelt message to that special someone. It is also a good way to create custom art to hang on the wall.

custom text custom text

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4 thoughts on “Custom Canvas Prints with Your Own Custom Text

    • Hi Hubert – Yes! You can put any custom text on the canvas, and choose from over 50 fonts that we have available. Thanks!

  1. Hi
    I’m looking to put song lyrics over the top of a black and white photo on a canvas. Is this something you offer and would be willing to post to england as I can’t find such a service over here? Thanks Neil

    • Hi Neil – yes, you can put any text on top of any background or colors and get it printed on a canvas. Please email us at with your shipping address and the size canvas you’d like and we’ll let you know the cost to ship to England. Thanks!

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