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You can personalize your own inspirational quote by creating a custom canvas with our design customizer, at Make Canvas Prints. It is easy to use and we provide you with all of the tools. There is an assortment of backgrounds to choose from and lots of text styles. Our font library has tons of fonts, you can change the color of the text as well.  You can also upload your own images onto our customizer to add your own personal touch to your quote canvas print.

Inspirational Quotes

You can always use an inspirational quote of your own or search for one that catches your eye. There are many sources such as the internet, your friends, and bible quotes. These are nice to hang up in the family living room or at the office. We have many sizes to choose from so that it will perfectly fit the size of the room or desk you plan to display it in. It is easy to make your own quote print to hang on the wall as a pick me up to inspire you everyday.

make your own quote print

make your own quote print

Design Ideas for Quote Prints

A simple design can really make your quote print really pop. You can pick a solid color for the background and a bold font for the inspirational quote. This style is great for a statement piece in any room. For longer quotes, you can create an interesting canvas print by making the words different sizes. This breaks up the space nicely and adds more balance and movement on the canvas. These can also make for great statement pieces.

You can also choose a background image from our free background library.  There are backgrounds and styles to choose from from nature photos, beach scenes, to space, to art, etc.  Easily make a design that looks great and professional.

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Make Your Own Quote Print