Making your own custom canvas has just gotten easier with our new multi-line text feature. Before, you would have to add in a new text box for each text break, but now you can easily manipulate the text within one text box. The Multi-Line feature is helpful when it comes to designs consisting of 5 or more text lines. Using this tool will make it easier to add poems, song lyrics, quotes, passages, and anything else you can think of.

custom canvas Multi-Line text

How to use the Multi-Line Tool

After clicking on “add new text”,  an automatic text icon should appear saying “New Text!” Double click on this text icon to enable the text editing.  You can drop your poem or paragraph into the text box, and the alignment and line heights will be automatically adjusted. It is as simple as that! Or you can manually type in the text editor box and create a line break by simply pressing “enter”.  Under the editing box there are tools available for re-sizing and positioning font in order to customize the text within the canvas. Along with the these tools are effects that allow you to add a drop shadow, glow, and bevel to the text. With these features, you have more design power when creating your custom canvas.

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